San Ignacio Resort Hotel: It’s the Perfect Playground for Adults This Fall!  

by Larry Waight

National Public Radio journalist Sami Yenigun had a word of advice for all listeners: Adults need playgrounds as much as kids do. While childhood play is “essential for brain development,” your brain didn’t stop developing just because you grew to adulthood. Play is so important, a nonprofit organization called the National Institute of Play was founded to encourage adults to pursue the pleasure found only in play. If you’re stressed out, you need it more than most. One of the most delightful ways to make sure you get enough play while keeping your temperament on the sunny side is to escape everyday tedium and travel to a place that not only encourages play but helps visitors get their fill of it: The San Ignacio Resort Hotel in Western Belize. You couldn’t get stressed out if you tried during the 2+ hour plane ride from North America where you’re invited to solve puzzles during your time in the air.

Upon arrival at the resort hotel, you’ll notice a delightful difference in the environs—especially if you’ve previously vacationed in Belize. Instead of a conventional hotel, you’ll reside at this former estate owned by the gentry in the past, so you’ll feel like the honored guest who frequented this manse when it was privately owned. Best of all, you’ll find this adult playground to be exotic, and opportunities to play are everywhere you turn. What better way to enjoy downtime before winter arrives?

Small but mighty


San Ignacio Resort Hotel may be an epicenter of intimacy because the limited numbers of guests accommodated at any given time are small. Still, when it comes to Belize adventures that, in their entirety, offer you the most giant playground in Central America, these are just a few of the tours you can book via the resort’s in-house tour desk:

  • Try your hand at cave tubing via a comfy inner tube or dive right into the excitement by repelling down a rocky façade to reach cave floors.
  • Go for the mother of all repelling adventures by hiking into the Maya Mountains and challenging yourself to complete a thrilling Black Hole Drop.
  • Canoe your way up a tranquil river where banks filled with all manner of wildlife cheer you on as you push your oars through the water.
  • Explore a choice of former Maya empire cities, some of which are so expansive and huge, your jogging trail back home will compare to a walk in the park!
  • Ever ridden a horse through a tropical jungle? You’re in for a treat. You can ride to Xunantunich Maya Site, knocking two must-do events off your list of adventures.
  • Specialized onsite tours won’t require you to step foot off the resort’s property and you’ll discover that each of them is quite unlike typical escapades in that your sensibilities and curiosity will be intrigued by each one of these outings.

There are many more expeditions to be had thanks to the resort hotel’s dedicated tour desk and there are enough options on the tour menu to satisfy everyone’s willingness to take risks in addition to making sure you have the skills required to enjoy every moment of your adventures.

Playtime At The Only Jungle In Town

Having found the southern hemisphere’s epicenter of play at San Ignacio Resort Hotel, you’re welcome to spend some of your downtime beside the pool, swimming laps, or wandering lush gardens to experience the fragrances of the flora and fauna found only in a jungle. And you wouldn’t be the first guest to bring cards, or a Scrabble set along for an extra boost of brain-building. When asked by friends why you crave as much play as you can fit into your itinerary, tell them that games and recreation can lower one’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease while increasing memory and thinking skills.

The Green Iguana Conservation Project. Image via San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Games even solidify relationships. We won’t ask you reveal to the games you like to play during a romantic getaway, so please don’t feel you must confess. We can reassure you that you’ll find the most discreet staff you’ve ever encountered at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, so leave your inhibitions back home, and let the games begin!

All images via San Ignacio Resort Hotel.

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