Scientific Reasons to Take a Belize Beach Vacation in 2021

When Associated Press reporters Emilio Morenatti and Hernan Munoz went in search of positive stories related to COVID-19, they stumbled upon a fascinating story about Barcelona hospital staffers taking COVID-19 patients to a promenade beside the Mediterranean Sea where they watched patient response to the simple relocation prescription. Could this be a scientific reason to take a Belize beach vacation in 2021? 

“After nearly two months of being sedated and connected to IV lines in a hospital’s intensive care unit, Francisco Espana took a moment to fill his ailing lungs with fresh air at a Barcelona beachfront.” The reporters concluded, “even ten minutes in front of the blue sea waters can improve a patient’s emotional attitude.”

Doctors were already aware of the therapeutic benefits of the sea, sand and salt air; this is just the latest news that verifies myriad studies undertaken by scholarly institutions. However, a University of New Hampshire study proved that beach vacations have the potential to immediately quell stress, contribute to the body’s critical need for vitamin D, help people sleep better at night and even act as a remedy for mood disorders.  

The 2021 Beach Vacation You Deserve

Happily, you don’t need science to tell you that after an arduous 2020, a beach vacation offers multiple benefits. So why not Belize, with its pristine soft sand beaches? Not to mention, everyone speaks English and the journey from the U.S. takes only a few hours. It really is the ideal way to pay tribute to science while getting the healing benefits of rest and relaxation. Where to find all of this bliss? On Belize’s most popular peninsula of Placencia, where resorts like Chabil Mar Villas await weary travelers now and in the year ahead. This lush, full-service boutique resort, located steps from the Caribbean Sea, offers more than just respite for your mind and body. Beside, nearby Placencia Village is a cultural epicenter without equal. Chabil Mar guests are invited to leave their luxurious, villa-style digs to explore the town or stroll the 15-mile-long Maya Beach shoreline. 

Worried that all of this elegance and luxury isn’t compatible with your budget? You’re in for a surprise. With an all-inclusive stay, you have access to 400 feet of private beachfront to the Caribbean Sea. And in addition to affordability and opulence, you have complimentary access to bicycles, kayaks, and paddle boards, plus a fascinating list of tours that range from cave tubing and zip lining to the exploration of Maya caves and sites — all arranged by Chabil Mar staff.  

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Recharge on the Beach in Belize

Make 2021 the year you celebrate having come through 2020 with your health and wellbeing in check by planning your getaway to Chabil Mar Villas right now. Whether you want to wander the peninsula to stay fit or you would like to fill every day with a new adventure, this modern-day Eden offers you every amenity you crave. Two infinity swimming pools, nestled in lush tropical gardens on the beach overlook the Caribbean for your pleasure; meanwhile, an open air patio dining on the beach allows for social distancing protocols. And for extra privacy, did we mention its a guest-exclusive resort? So if anyone asks why you chose Belize’s Chabil Mar Villas for your 2021 beach vacation, you can tell them that you’re going on scientific advice! 

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