Top Waterfalls in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve Worth a Visit

by Louise Roe

The Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, located in Western Belize is the  oldest protected forested area in  Belize. Roughly a two and a half to three-hour drive, it is one of the most unspoiled and beautiful areas in Belize. Hidden amongst the Maya Mountains in the West you can find vast pine forest, stunning peaks, and beautiful waterfalls. Some waterfalls are easily accessible, while others require a hike, but these natural wonders are a must-experience while in Belize.

Thousand Foot Falls

1000 foot falls belize plan visit

Photo by the Belize Tourism Board

Thousand Foot Falls is the tallest waterfall in all of Central America. To see this beautiful cascade, which plummets 1,600 ft into pristine natural pools below, you must venture to Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. From Belize City, it is roughly a 3-hour drive. The best way to enjoy this beautiful waterfall is from a viewpoint. From the viewpoint, you can get a panoramic view of the pine forest that makes up the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve.


Big Rock Falls

Big Rock Falls, is a hidden gem in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. Standing roughly 150 feet tall, this beautiful cascading waterfall gushes over giant granite rocks. Emerald pools below make perfect for the swimming spot. However, getting to this waterfall requires some exercise. After a twenty-minute hike from the waterfall base, jumping in the waterfalls is refreshing and invigorating. The best way to visit this waterfall is on a tour as the terrain is sometimes rough.

Butterfly Falls

Private, pristine, and peaceful, Butterfly Falls is a beautiful private waterfall on Hidden Valley Inn property. Only accessible to guests, this waterfall requires a thirty-minute hike through the pine forest. When you get to the falls, you will certainly say the hike was worth it. You are instantly put at ease, taking in the view of these majestic falls, as you hear the soothing sound of the water from the falls gushing down. A swim is a must when you get here, leaving you refreshed for your walk back to base.

Apart from these falls, there are the Rio on Pools in the Mountain Pine Ridge.

Rio On Pools


Rio on Pool is an area comprised of large flat granite rocks, with flowing freshwater coming from the valley creating these pools. This area is very scenic and makes for a perfect picnic and swimming spot. All these beautiful waterfalls and pools allow you to enjoy nature to its fullest. Be sure to put them on your Bucket List for when you visit Belize.

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