Summer or Fall, Escape To This Life-Changing Urban Jungle In Belize

by Larry Waight

It’s the disturbing downside of the world’s technological advances, say researchers at Baylor University in Texas: “Screen time is ruining our relationships.” There’s plenty of scientific evidence that supports this academic study but breaking a habit that’s this ingrained may seem daunting since cell phone users scan their devices 2,617 times a day on average!

big rock falls San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Big Rock Falls. Image via San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Must you abandon the devices that keep you connected to every aspect of your community? Not necessarily, say other experts who agree that a digital detox has been proven to clear the mind, calm nerves, and increase happiness – which is why some hospitality businesses are going to the extreme, asking guests to hand over their phones for the duration of their time at lodgings or restaurants.

San Ignacio jungle view resort

Enjoy the jungle view from your private balcony. Image courtesy San Ignacio Resort Hotel

Happily, there’s another way to deal with this concern: Vacation in a place that has so much going on and so many things to do, those emails, text messages and Tweets will take a back seat to the beauty and excitement that surrounds you. At the San Ignacio Resort Hotel during your 2022 Summer or Fall escape, you can practice your newly resolved commitment to increased disconnection and return home feeling like a new person.

Not your usual jungle resort

Tucked into a mountainside overlooking a meandering river, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel is a study in grandeur, from its unique location amid a primal jungle to environs that were originally designed to host grand parties and soirees. Thoughtful renovations retained all the former estate’s charm while adding all manner of amenities vacationers who aren’t necessarily interested in a beach vacation seek.

Among the amenities that bring guests back repeatedly are the resort’s oversized swimming pool, a menu of in-suite wellbeing spa treatments, a lighted tennis court offering guests complimentary use of rackets and tennis balls, and a dedicated tour desk offering a wide range of services that include activities and transportation.

Unforgettable onsite experiences

San Ignacio resort hotel Maya class

How about a medicinal tour in Cayo? Photo courtesy Monica Gallardo Photography/SIRH

Guests love the fact that they don’t have to leave the premises to find fun, adventure, and experiences that are so fascinating, they leave their devices in their digs so their bird-watching, tea-tasting medicinal, and Critters of the Night tours aren’t interrupted.

Additionally, this exotic property is home to San Ignacio’s #1 tourist attraction, the Green Iguana Conservation Project, a labor of love by the resort’s owners who are eager to show the world how Belize’s scaly-est creatures are contributing to the environment.

Skip the phone; heal your soul

poolside drinks san Ignacio resort belize

Taking part in the unusual onsite options that are centered around health, wellbeing, and awareness of the planet, you can pair strategies to cut back on your device usage with taking part in activities that heal and inform. Leave your device behind while you explore the 17 acres of medicinal plants to learn how these botanicals can replace chemicals to benefit your mind and your body.

You won’t care who’s sending you spam during the Maya Cooking Experience where you’ll learn how ancient cooks prepared, marinated with spices, and cooked over an open fire to bring out tastes that will delight your taste buds! Try the Copal Cleanse if you’re a believer in metaphysical healing. Whether your summer or fall escape to this sacred place is to get away from a spiritual or nervous disorder, taking part in this ancient ritual may just be the solution to your stress, insomnia, and emotional ailments for which no modern medicine works.

The fun Critters of the Night excursion on resort grounds giving you peeks into the nocturnal behaviors of creatures that roam after sunset will distract you from any urge you have to answer a text message or read a communique from your boss. You’ll sleep like a baby, too.

Return home a new person

It can be difficult if not impossible to refine bad habits within the environment that causes your stressors – the pressures that drive you to monitor your communications 24/7, but if you remove yourself by heading south for a summer or fall recharge vacation you not only sojourn in a tropical paradise but can practice moderation, too.

You’ll return home with amazing photos, memories, and experiences, each a reminder that no matter your age or stage of life, taking a vacation is more than just getting away – it’s also the way to rediscover the important things in life – and your new perspective on device usage can even help you live longer. And you thought Belize vacations were only about time spent on the beach!

Images courtesy San Ignacio Resort Hotel.

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