Bringing The Beauty Of Your Belize Vacation Home With These Souvenirs

by Carolee Chanona

By definition, escapism is to fantasize, daydream, and escape reality. We do that when we travel, but we can always escape to these moments with little nuggets of reminders—like sampling a mini Belize escape. And that could be anything. A bottle of local Marie Sharp’s hot sauce to remind you of that one time you learned how to ‘quita goma’ the morning after winning your first Chicken Drop game (and celebrating with one too many rum punches). It could also be a distinctive teacup—the one you made while learning about the Maya culture with the ladies behind San Antonio Women’s Coop. Here are a few of our favorites, sure to nudge your nostalgia and certain to remind you how much a Belize vacation means to us all by a souvenir.

Image via Kevin Quischan Photograph (@belizemytravels)

Robes with hotel monograms, embossed coffee tumblers, a hotel’s signature scent, a spa product crafted only for a certain property, or a bedtime citrus essential oil spray left at the bedside to evoke the locale—all these things are like taking the beauty of your Belize experience home.

A bottle (or 4) of Marie Sharp’s

Marie Sharp’s signature products. Image via Kevin Quischan Photography

Pepper sauces, jams, chutneys—Marie Sharp needs no introduction to anyone that’s been to Belize. After all, the habanero-based hot sauce can be found on almost every restaurant table, and its blend of garlic and herbs practically flies off the shelves. There are varying levels of heat for those who rather not say “mada fyah!” when sampling, along with spice-free jams and jellies. Ultimately, this might be the top Belize souvenir after a vacation here.

Coffee mugs from Matachica


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If you love supporting small pottery makers, Matachica has their signature handmade coffee clay mugs for only US$20 at their gift shop. The mugs are understated and earthy and they hold a generous 16-ounce cup of coffee, making your morning cup of tea feel like a splurge in the Boho and beachfront Matachica Resort on Ambergris Caye. Pick up a bag of locally made Belizean blend coffee and you’re all set.

Turtle Inn

Turtle Inn’s gift shop has a wide variety of hideaway apparel and swimwear, beautiful jewelry made by local artisans, and a variety of books, including CCL’s Belize Gold Book, for people looking to read while relaxing on the beach. Keep the theme of beachfront elegance going with Trésor, a Belizean handmade jewelry brand sharing the beauty of pearls.

Blancaneaux Lodge

The Garden Spot at Blancaneaux. Image by Carolee Chanona

Blancaneaux Lodge’s 3.5-acre organic garden, more like a farm, produces nearly 80% of the produce consumed by guests and staff. However, even more impressively, Blancaneaux boasts its own bee farm that produces honey directly on-site. Grab a bottle in the gift shop to make your nostalgia for the Belizean jungle even sweeter.

Copal Tree Lodge

One of many agritourism experiences at Copal Tree Lodge, guests are guided through the sugarcane rum-making process of Copalli Rum, distilled right on the property of this Muy’Ono Resort. Copalli Rum is made with just three ingredients — non-GMO heirloom sugarcane, pure rainforest canopy water, and organic yeast — sourced from 22,000 acres of pristine rainforest in Belize. After a little farm-to-flask experience and spirits-tasting at the Agriculture Center, pick up a bottle of the rum for yourself; choose between White, Barrel Rested, and Cacao.

Naia Resort & Spa

The spa-centric Naia Resort in Placencia, Belize boasts its own signature collection of spa products — found in every beach house. And although nothing compares with the sheer tropical paradise of the Caribbean, guests can enjoy Naia’s exclusive Citrus Nectar scent at home. Close your eyes, take a deep invigorating breath, and pretend you’re back to being barefoot mere steps from the beach. Grab the shower gel, body lotion, shampoo, and conditioner exclusively at Naia Resort & Spa. Thanks to their addicting scent, this souvenir makes the perfect gift for yourself (or others) after your Belize vacation.

Travellers Liquors Rum


With rum being the first choice in the Caribbean, a trip to Belize is bound to leave you in good spirits. Visiting the heritage center and rum museum in the heart of Belize City, Travellers Liquors has an entire gift shop to take the good times rolling at home, too. Here, choose from a selection of award-winning rums; besides, the tasting room post-tour to sample each one in a shot or cocktail should help you narrow it down. All in all, Kuknat Rum and 5-Barrel Rum are popular first choices if you’re having a hard time deciding. Learn more here.

Header image via Matachica Resort.

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