What Is Visiting Belize In September Really Like?

by Gisselle Hernandez

Despite it being within Belize’s low [tourism] season, September is arguably the most anticipated month of the year. September in Belize comes alive in the form of Independence parades, colorful carnivals, and a patriotic vibe that sweeps throughout the country for its birthday month. But this isn’t the only reason travelers from afar make their way to the tiny Caribbean destination. While snowbirds flock to Belize sometime near winter – a.k.a the high season for tourism – September in Belize has much to offer for those wanting off-the-beaten-path experiences. Here’s what it’s really like when visiting Belize in September. 

What the weather is like

Belize’s rainy season spans from June to November, but even so, summer showers are scarce and rarely last for more than a day or two. In September, the humidity can be more intense with temperatures rising to the nineties. The balmy weather offers plenty of chances to go island hopping on Belize’s many paradisiacal islands. Perhaps now would be the perfect time to book that private island getaway like Ray Caye Island Resort for a break from the heat. However, if you venture into the mountains for a rainforest retreat, the weather can be considerably cooler. Especially if you’re staying in the Mountian Pine Ridge region with Gaia Riverlodge or Hidden Valley Inn. Here, the temperature dips to the high sixties in the nighttime. 

Things to do 


Carnival is celebrated, albeit smaller than the road marches in Belize City and Orange Walk, across the country. Pictured is the Placencia Peninsula. Image by Kevin Quischan Photography (@belizemytravels)

Belize’s highly anticipated Independence celebrations were put on pause for the past couple of years but will return in full force this September. The Belize Carnival Association has already announced the return of the eminent Carnival Road March on September 3, 2022. This historic event is a tradition laced with vivacity and swaths of color you wouldn’t want to miss. We can expect the parades to be full of extra gusto this year after the two-year-long hiatus. Residents and visitors alike are eager to see the Belizean culture on full display with extravagant costumes and rhythmic dancing. 

Apart from the September celebrations, travelers often use this low season to take advantage of low-trafficked sites like Maya temples and sacred caves. These sites tend to be popular during the high season, with travelers often sharing the experiences amongst large crowds. When visiting them in September instead, travelers will be pleased to learn they have the sites all to themselves. 

Traveler Perks 

Apart from uncrowded attractions and summer festivals, visiting Belize in September has its own set of bonus perks. Several award-winning hotels and resorts use this time to offer guests exclusive discounts. Travelers are able to save up to hundreds of dollars for staying in the summer. Sometimes, travelers are still able to benefit from discounted rates even if they’re staying in the high season – they just need to book far in advance. Other resorts also offer bespoke package deals to families and groups, making it easier to book that buddy moon or family vacation at the tail end of summer. 

Header image courtesy Kevin Quischan Photography (@BelizeMyTravels)

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