Sea’s D Day: Dine At Sunset On A Leisurely Cruise In San Pedro For An Unforgettable Dinner

by Dion Vansen

A leisure sunset cruise on the Caribbean Sea is always a good way to end the day. But add an intimate dining experience over the water to that, either on its outdoor deck or indoor air-conditioned seating, and now we’re talking about a whole other level of unforgettable! These are the amenities aboard Seaduced by Belize SEA’s D Day 58-foot houseboat, offering unforgettable evenings in San Pedro, Belize. So get ready and let’s sail away on this out-of-the-ordinary evening experience.

Not only perfect for ‘just because’ celebrations, Seaduced by Belize offers their houseboat as a favorite for themed receptions, birthday parties, bachelorettes, and more. Inside, the elevated boat is complete with two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and both outdoor and indoor seating facilities. In the evenings, SEA’s D Day departs from its main dock on the lagoonside nearby the Sunset Boardwalk behind the Saca Chispas field in downtown San Pedro; the tour leaves at 4:45 pm and ends by 7:30 pm. Of importance is that for the tour to be confirmed, a minimum of 10 persons is needed.

2 Options To Cruise

Unlike other conventional sunset tours, this cruise takes you on a relaxing ride to the pristine waters and beaches of  Ambergris Caye’s leeward side. You’ll pass the opulent private island resort Cayo Espanto, found just 3 miles west of Ambergris Caye. And with good music serenading the ambiance along with the tropical breeze, it just seems to blow your stress or troubles away.

But there are actually two options to cruise. The first choice comes with a tag price of US$135 per person and includes a full 4-course dinner focused on seafood, like curry shrimp with coconut rice, a salad, appetizer, and homemade desserts. Option number two includes a 7-course dinner with gourmet tapas on the menu for US$150 per person.

Tapas are small savory dishes of Spanish cuisine such as fresh bread and meat, small seafood bites, crudités, and more. So, although you may think it is just a light snack, remember you’ll be indulging at least seven different times.

What about drinks?

Each of these packages includes beer, rum punch, and ginger pineapple mojitos. Wine is an option; however, this will come at an additional cost. If your party requests wine, feel free to let Seaduced by Belize know the type; they proudly cater to every occasion and dietary need. Of course, water is also included.

When the sun sets, the fun continues on board SEA’s D Day where the lights turn on and the eating, drinking, and party vibes continue. When we make our way back to San Pedro you will notice the town illuminated as the island nightlife comes alive. Such a cruise is a good opportunity to enjoy with a group of friends, your loved ones like the family, or any unique occasion. The staff at SEA’s D Day is very friendly and professional, which means you’ll be pampered and well taken care of.

The sunset dinner cruise is available every day, as long as there are 10 persons signed up for the tour. But this beautiful houseboat is also available for charters, and full-day tours start at 9 am. If you are ready to spend a memorable time on this boat, contact Seadued by Belize at [email protected] or via WhatsApp at 610-1697.

Images courtesy SEAduced by Belize

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