This Thanksgiving, Take a Break in Belize Surrounded by Nature At Ka’ana Resort

by Larry Waight

As far as luxury hotels go, Forbes travel experts have declared Belize’s Ka’ana Resort an “oasis in the Belizean jungle.” That declaration came after the magazine sent undercover inspectors to report on this slice of paradise. It’s a title that befits the resort’s Maya-inspired name, which translates to“heavenly place.” In need of a respite at your own heavenly place? Here’s how Ka’ana can help you do much more than simply get away, including for the coming Thanksgiving holiday.

Ka’ana Resort: For When You Need to Get Away

From a racing mind to a vanished appetite, the signs that you need a getaway – and need to get away right now – can be plentiful, says Healthline. Whether you can’t recall the last time you felt energetic (even after a good night’s sleep), your ability to concentrate is gone,  or your friends keep asking, “Why so cynical?,” allow yourself to recover at Ka’ana where your energy is sure to be restored.

If you’ve had occasion to read any of the medical studies that prove how being surrounded by peace, greenery, and tranquility can restore the spirit, you’ll have no question about why Ka’ana must be your destination, especially with the coming holiday. After all, getting an extra day off for Thanksgiving means you’ll have to use one less day of personal leave time to get away.

Expect a warm greeting from resort staff who are experts at de-stressing guests, especially those visiting during holiday breaks. Even if you’re only suffering from one of the symptoms listed above, you’ll feel immense relief from the moment you arrive. That’s especially true when it comes to the all-inclusive options for stays of three nights or more.

Additionally, you probably don’t expect a resort this luxurious and sophisticated to be committed to sustainability, but this 17-acre jungle property has put into place some impressive eco-friendly practices. That includes employing transformative recycling methods, organic gardening, and giving back through Pack for a Purpose.

A Much Needed Thanksgiving Break 

Ka’ana chefs have built reputations as culinary geniuses skilled at preparing dishes representative of Belize’s many cultures. When November rolls around, though, “turkey day” comes with all the traditional side dishes guests look forward to, served with a flourish at the resort’s La Ceiba restaurant. (Why is eating turkey important for stressed-out people? Because scientists have proven that the amino acid tryptophan has a powerful influence on mood and sleep by producing serotonin and melatonin. Eating turkey at a relaxing resort can reinvigorate your spirits even faster!)


Each Thanksgiving, our culinary team curates a special menu that reflects the flavors and traditions of Belize, while incorporating the freshest ingredients from the resort’s own organic garden and local sustainable producers. The menu features traditional Thanksgiving dishes, with a Belizean twist


Need more incentive? A current Thanksgiving special is being offered to folks who would love to get away from the cooking, shopping, cleaning, and stressors that come with readying meals for crowds on this big day. Enjoy a 15% discount on a sojourn that has only one prerequisite: being a guest on November 23rd for that Thanksgiving dinner!

Time is of the essence. Book your much-needed Thanksgiving break at Ka’ana today, and then make your Belize flight arrangements. It’s the holiday getaway your doctor would prescribe if she could, so put your Thanksgiving plans on speed dial right now!

All photos courtesy of Ka’ana Resort

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