November and December: The Months for Foodie Travels in Belize

by Khaila Gentle

There are plenty of reasons to travel during the end of year months, including in Belize. The weather is cooler, businesses reopen after the slow season, and holiday season deals – like Black Friday sales – are almost irresistible. In the months of November and December though, there’s at least one other – underrated – factor that comes into play: the food. There’s a lot to do in Belize in the last months of the year, but there’s a lot to eat, too. Whether you’re a gourmand looking for luxury dining or simply someone looking for the best Belize eats, November and December are the months for foodie travels in Belize.

Hearty Dishes Rich With Culture 

escabeche hamanasi

A twist on the Belizean onion soup: Escabeche. Photo via Singanga Restaurant at Hamanasi

Belize’s cultural diversity shines year-round, but in the final months, travelers get the chance to enjoy a unique spectrum of local favorites and traditional foods. That includes the wide range of Garifuna cuisine that can be found on proud display in the month of November. From hearty hudut (a rich coconut broth served with fish and mashed plantains) to savory darasa (akin to tamales but made with green bananas), there’s a world of Garifuna dishes waiting to be sampled, especially in the south.


Also in November, have your fill of pan de muerto at Los Finados celebrations in Mestizo-Maya communities in the north and west. And, maybe even enjoy a few tamales. Later in the year, it’s time for the traditional soups to shine.  When the cold fronts begin to roll in, warming dishes like escabeche (an onion soup), mechado,  and relleno negro (or black dinner) are the go-tos.

Savoring Belize’s Seasonal Seafood

Fresh seafood on display at Caramba Restaurant.

If you’re a foodie who loves seafood, then you’re in for a treat when traveling in November or December. During these months, both Belize’s conch and lobster season are in full swing. These beloved seafoods can only be enjoyed during their open seasons (July to February for lobster and October to June for conch). From ceviches to fritters and everything in between, there are plenty of ways to enjoy both, including in a rich soup.


Beyond just lobster and conch, though, you can never go wrong with some freshly caught fish. Whether fried or grilled, nothing spells a Caribbean vacation quite like some catch of the day.

Holiday Delights

rum popo / egg nog

Sip on some Belizean Rum Popo (Egg Nog)

Hoping to indulge during your foodie travels? Do so with a delectable turkey dinner. While it’s not a Belizean holiday, you can still get into the Thanksgiving spirit when in Belize. Across the country, resorts and restaurants host Thanksgiving dinners, many of which are three or four-course meals, complete with amazing views.


Of course, the holiday season in Belize isn’t complete without rum popo, the country’s answer to eggnog. It’s similar to Trinidad & Tobado’s Punch de Creme. Pair it with a delicious slice of milk cake or, better yet, some black fruit cake.

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