These Muy’Ono Resorts Are Perfect for a Family Trip

by Giulissa Hernandez

Hugging the sun-kissed shores and lush jungles of Belize, Muy’Ono Resorts beckon families seeking a blissful tropical getaway. From the captivating charm of Hopkins Bay to the idyllic haven that is Turtle Island, each resort offers a unique experience that promises cherished memories for every member of the family. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the best family-friendly features of these three splendid destinations: Hopkins Bay, The Placencia, and Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge. We’re sure you’ll find something for everyone!

Hopkins Bay: A Coastal Retreat for All Ages

If you want an authentic Belize beach vacation, welcome to Hopkins Bay.

At Hopkins Bay, the joy of family adventure takes center stage. The expansive beachfront serves as a playground for sandcastle-building, beach volleyball, and the soothing rhythm of the Caribbean Sea. The pools offer a safe oasis for kids to splash and play, while parents can unwind in the adjacent loungers. Even better, you can get the whole family active by scheduling games with the concierge! Ask for a game of limbo, tug-of-war, or giant Jenga. Furthermore, Hopkins Bay is made to host families of any size with their luxurious villas. Choose between one, two, or even three bedrooms to be the cozy abode for your visit! 

The Placencia: A Tropical Haven for Explorers

Image by Muy’Ono

The Placencia Resort enchants families with its exquisite blend of natural beauty and modern comforts. Young explorers embark on guided nature walks to discover local flora and fauna or take kayaks for a tranquil paddle along the serene Placencia lagoon. For water enthusiasts, the resort pool provides endless hours of aquatic fun with a swim-up bar attached. And the family-friendly dining options will delight even the pickiest eaters. For an unforgettable experience, visitors of all ages can sign up for a captivating lesson on how to make chocolate from scratch! We’re sure those sweet-toothed tots and teens would love some decadent chocolate. The Placencia is situated at the perfect place, close enough to take the entire family on a zip-lining trip in the jungles. The adventures never end!

Sweet Songs: Mother Nature’s Playground for Every Generation

birding muyono sweet songs belize

Lets get bird-y! Photo courtesy Sweet Songs Lodge, a Muy’Ono Resort

This one is for nature lovers! Step into jungle paradise and enter a whole different world with Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge in Cayo. While hiking and early bird-watching may be for the parents, the botanical garden, horseback riding, and infinity pool can be family activities. The dose of nature is just enough to get every family member intrigued and astounded by the surrounding beauty. We can’t forget about the most captivating part yet: the treehouse restaurant, complete with feathered visitors! Explore this jungle haven at an elevated altitude while you dine on local and international cuisine. 

From beachside frolics to tranquil island seclusion and rainforest exploration, each resort presents a unique tapestry of experiences that bond families together and create lifelong memories. Whether you’re building sandcastles, snorkeling in turquoise waters, or exploring the wonders of the rainforest, the Muy’Ono Resorts invite families to embrace the joy of togetherness against the backdrop of Belize’s unparalleled natural beauty.

All photos courtesy of Muy’Ono Resorts. 

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