Planning Travel with Confidence Post-COVID

by Vivian Roe

The Revival of the Travel Advisor

Pre-pandemic, and traditional travel agents or travel advisors were slowly becoming a thing of the past, replaced by the likes of the large online booking platforms and the do-it-yourself trips. Then the pandemic hit; countries closed their borders and thousands of holidays went up in the air. Amidst it all, frustrated travelers reported spending hours on hold or sending countless unanswered emails in an attempt to get refunds or reschedule their trips.

A recent CNBC article interviewing travel advisors cited ‘If anyone booked without a travel advisor during this period, they learned they should have…and it’s not just consumers who are noticing. Hotel, cruise and airline partners all know moving ahead, how valuable that travel advisor will be to their future growth.’

COVID shifted the way people book travel

When we look forward to future travel, there is no doubt that consumers will consider the idea of making travel plans with a bit of hesitation. This is where the value of a travel advisor post-COVID comes in. A recent Forbes article highlighted their role in restoring confidence and the value of using them to plan your travel stating, ‘Travel advisors are someone to hold your hand, prepare you for the travel experience and help you navigate the new rules of travel.’ In addition to all the help planning, he goes on to outline the benefits of a travel advisor once on a trip citing, ‘They’re here for your 24/7, they advocate for you, they are problem-solvers and they can help you get a no-hassle refund if necessary.’

Book with a Local Travel Advisor

Travel Concierge ROEming Belize says, “Knowing my clients have this sense of trust & confidence is key to what we offer.”

Local business head travel advisor of ROEming Belize, Louise Roe, agrees. ‘Our role is to take the hard work out of your trip and replace with the joy of travel, especially post-covid. We screen all elements of your trip. From transport to hotels to make sure they’re safe and following the guidelines and regulations. In addition to that, as a local advisor and agency, we know the ins and outs of the country. We are able to be on hand throughout your trip to make sure everything goes smoothly… I am always on stand-by; knowing my clients have this sense of trust and confidence is key to what we offer.’

When asked what she misses most currently, she shares the following.

I miss being able to show my clients the best parts of our beautiful country and being a part of their journey experiencing Belize. But, this will happen again. In the meantime, we make sure to plan for when it will.’

Considering using a travel advisor when the time comes for your next Belize trip? Get in touch with ROEming Belize and in the meantime keep daydreaming of Belize through our stunning Instagram here.

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