Traveling via Puddle Jumper in Belize: A Mini-Tour Within Your Vacation

by Khaila Gentle

Let’s face it—sometimes, after a long day of travel, the last thing you’d want to do is spend another hour or more in transit to your vacation destination. It’s one of the main reasons many travelers, upon arrival in Belize, opt for a quick puddle jumper flight instead. More than that though, flying around Belize offers spectacular views of the country that are sure to delight. Think of it as a mini-tour within your vacation. Wondering what to expect when flying around Belize? Here’s what it’s like traveling via puddle jumper with local carrier Maya Island Air

Fast, Friendly Service 

We had the chance to travel across Belize via domestic flight this month and saying that it made our trip a whole lot easier would certainly be an understatement. Check-in was smooth, and we were greeted by warm, friendly faces from the moment we stepped through the doors at the Belize City Municipal Airport to the time of boarding. 

Photo by CC+L

After a short wait, we boarded our plane (a Cessna 208 Caravan, designed to fit 14, including the pilots). Our destination? Placencia, Belize. The tiny peninsula is home to Belize’s best beaches and lies within its Stann Creek District. What is usually a 3 hour drive (or 2.5 if you choose to take the newly renovated Coastal Road) took less than an hour. And, we got the chance to enjoy a bird’s eye view of Belize along the way. 

Amazing Views All Around 

At takeoff from the Municipal Airport, the first sight to greet passengers is a striking panoramic view of the city below. Colorful structures (including just a few highrises) dot the historical destination all the way to its picturesque coastline. There, you can try to catch a glimpse of the iconic Baron Bliss Lighthouse. 

From there, enjoy a mosaic of turquoise and azure as you fly along the coast. Then, watch as the landscape quickly changes while you make your way south. Brilliant blues meet lush greens as you fly over littoral forests, mangroves, lagoons, and more. 

Other sights that line the way from the Belize District to Stann Creek include neatly manicured citrus farms and, of course, Belize’s culture capital, Dangriga Town. After brief (literally no more than 5 minutes) stops in Dangriga and Savannah (the airport near Independence Village) we landed at the Placencia Airstrip, our very brief mini-tour of Belize concluded. 

Enjoy Daily Flight Service with Maya Island Air 

Domestic flights in Belize are usually fast and easy. Plus, an added bonus is the fact that the local carrier offers daily service to a number of destinations across Belize. That includes the country’s most popular tourist destinations like the Northern Islands and Placencia. 

Image Via Maya Island Air

In operation since 1962, Maya Island Air is a leading domestic commercial passenger airline. In addition to offering air travel, they also provide charter and cargo services.

Interested in flying to your next Belize destination? Book your flight with Maya Island Air early. 

All photos by Maya Island Air unless otherwise stated. Featured Photo by Maya Island Air / Nikola Bartakova

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