The View From Above: A Different Way to See Belize

by Khaila Gentle
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Sometimes, the best views in Belize aren’t from the peaks of the foothills in the Maya Mountains, or from the tops of the tallest and grandest Maya sites.  That’s because, sometimes, nothing can compare to a bird’s eye view of the breathtaking natural beauty that lies below. And a flight across the country, whether to the islands or inland, will grant just that.

Picture it: You’re strapped in and seated in a puddle jumper. And, after takeoff, you gaze out the window at the scenery below. Shades of turquoise, and sapphire, and aquamarine stretch on for miles, dotted occasionally by islands of lush greenery and white sandy beaches. You think to yourself that you’re in paradise, and bask in the realization that paradise was just a plane ticket away all along.


HMC aerial by Belize Audubon Society flight over Belize

Half Moon Caye and a glimpse of Lighthouse Reef Atoll. Image by Belize Audubon Society

More Than Just the Blue Hole

With domestic airline Maya Island Air, travelers can experience one of Belize’s greatest natural wonders like never before. Combined with an aerial tour of the country’s shoreline, their flyover tour offers everyone the chance to witness the “jawdropping grandeur of the majestic Great Blue Hole”. That includes all those less keen on diving into or swimming in its deep blue waters.

Seeing the Great Blue Hole from up above is nothing short of spectacular. But, there’s also so much more to see on a flight across Belize., no matter where you’re going.

Colorful Shores and Stellar Panoramic Views

Discover a whole new side of Belize during your flight. If you’re departing from the Philip Goldson International Airport, witness the countless historic buildings that occupy the bustling Belize City. Along the coast, try to see if you can spot any iconic landmarks, like the Baron Bliss Lighthouse or the Radisson Hotel.

Near San Pedro, look out for panoramic views of waves crashing against the Belize Barrier Reef.  Or, if you’re flying from Placencia, admire the view of the lagoon as well as the peninsula’s beautiful beaches.

Book A Flight With Maya Island Air Today

In addition to their Blue Hole flyover Tours, Maya Island Air offers daily service to a number of destinations across Belize. Whether you’re traveling to main tourist hubs like Placencia and San Pedro or planning a day trip to sleepy Corozal Town, amazing views are just one plane ticket away.

All photos courtesy Maya Island Air unless otherwise stated.

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