The Underrated Destination To Move, Invest and Put Down Roots in Belize  

by Larry Waight

What’s the secret to finding real estate abroad that delivers twice the value and three times the benefits? Finding “the next hot spot” and locating a professional realtor equipped to take you through the process of acquiring, purchasing, and settling into a new home without having to ask your doctor for an anxiety remedy!  In Belize, Ambergris Caye is the nation’s hot spot. It’s where folks go who love to pub crawl almost as much as they love offshore aquatic challenges. The Placencia peninsula, on the other hand, offers a variety of environments along two coasts. The Caribbean side and the lagoon side make this 16-mile-long finger of land a popular tourist destination where real estate prices are soaring.

Welcome to Punta Gorda! Image via Roeming Belize

Where can you find nirvana Belize style if want to retire, invest, and live the good life on a modest amount of money after leaving North America’s rat race behind? Turn your attention to Belize’s Toledo District where whispers that it’s the most underrated yet affordable place to live, retire and invest are slowly being heard. Sound like your slice of heaven?

Why the Toledo District is a gem

Who knew beachfront could be so affordable? Image via Vista Real Estate

It’s called “the forgotten district” for a reason: A lush, primitive environment awaits folks who crave tropical splendor in southern Belize. Toledo is awash in rainforests, mountains, and Maya ruins plus breezy beaches playing host to the Caribbean Sea. Forgotten? Not to folks who wouldn’t retire anywhere else!

Off the beaten path is still accessible. 

The road to Toledo is a scenic one. Image via Roeming Belize

Ex-pats who love scenic routes and the low cost of bus tickets from major Belize hubs can get around for just a few dollars while folks in a hurry grab a quick flight via puddle jumpers like Maya Island Air to reach the District’s capital, Punta Gorda, very quickly. Not to mention, adventure seekers wonder why tourists would choose any other destination once they discover area recreational delights that include jungle ziplining, river tubing, Rio Blanca National Park waterfalls, pools, and cliffs that satisfy everyone’s desire for the activity they love most.

Toledo is culturally rich.
Nim Li Punit maya sitee

Nim Li Punit Maya Site. © Roeming Belize Travel Agency 

Maya culture is well-represented in Toledo as are their descendants. Not only can you have your pick of ancient ruins to explore but you can learn more from area residents so your understanding of the spectacular Lubaantun ruins is deeper and more personal. Lubaantun is close to another stunning spot: Nim Li Punit. Wildlife in Toledo differs dramatically from the critters visitors and residents run into in northern Belize. Because this area is more rural, your chances of meeting Howler monkeys, toucans, and jaguars increase.

Nirvana awaits.
Fly Fishing Punta Gorda belize copal

Fly fishing the south with Copal Tree Lodge. Photo courtesy Muy’Ono Resorts

There’s more to recommend Toledo, but you get the picture and you’re just as interested in the cost of living and lifestyle as you are in the nation’s natural treasures. Toledo is nirvana for folks to love to fish, relax and leave the partying to others! Ex-pats love the small-town feel of the capital Punta Gorda where you can forget about keeping up with the Joneses, according to the International Living website.

You won’t need a car, but there’s no traffic if you have one

Punta Gorda by EcoTourism Belize:Yaaxche

Punta Gorda by EcoTourism Belize (Ya’axche)

Walk to Punta Gorda’s market where ex-pats find plenty of connections to others via the town’s active Rotary Club. Area Buy and Sell groups where an active exchange of goods and services adds to the social scene. But what will pique your interest most are costs associated with Toledo home purchases where waterfront living is very affordable.

Despite a bit of the inflation that has hammered most of the world, Punta Gorda and other communities in Toledo offer a cost of living that tends to be a deal breaker when folks from the north determine whether this move is cost-effective. After collecting data from residents of Toledo, International Living editors determined that a monthly income of between $1155 USD and $1475 USD offers residents comfortable living that could include household help.

The value of a trusted Belize real estate representative: priceless

bed and breakfast toledo belize vista real estate

This 6-room bed & breakfast in Toledo is for sale on Vista Real Estate.

In Toledo, savvy ex-pats count on professionals at Vista Real Estate, the nation’s premier property conduit, for solid advice and direction needed to invest in Belize properties, especially if you’re planning to spend all or part of your year in the country.

Image via Vista Real Estate

At Vista Real Estate, property listings are eclectic and diverse, so home shoppers don’t have to look elsewhere. Whether you seek a house that’s move-in ready or you want to build, you’ll be offered plenty of choices. Vista also specializes in helping ex-pats navigate the legal complexities of buying in Toledo. You’ll understand every word of your transaction since English is the nation’s first language.

A fruit market in Punta Gorda. Image via Roeming Belize

Tired of dealing with folks who are more interested in commissions than they are in helping you find exactly what you’re looking for? Vista Real Estate is the only resource you’ll need to find your dream home. Together, Vista professionals can help write the next chapter in your life story! 

Header image of a beach in Punta Gorda via Carolee Chanona.

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