Celebrate Valentine’s in Belize

by McNab Editorial Team

Valentine’s Day is the day for couples. Whether you are aspiring to become a couple with that special someone or you are just looking to keep the passions going with your significant other, you want to do something really amazing for them. Maybe you have everything planned but the venue for your Valentine’s day activities or maybe you are drawing a complete blank. The good news is that the many picturesque vistas and tropical climate of Belize will more than suffice for enchanting couples or bolster those wonderful feelings of love and trust you and your significant other have for one another.

Photo Courtesy: ROEming Belize

Considering that it is only around a 5-hour flight to Belize from the United States or Canada, it isn’t hard to plan a 3- or 4-day getaway, though the country’s natural beauty might compel you to figure out a way to stay long. 

Provided below is a list of just some of the things you can do in Belize but probably not in any other Central American country. 

  • Take a canoe for two along the Macal River.

    Allow the beauty of Belize’s exotic wildlife and picturesque wilderness serve as the backdrop for some alone time with your special person. 

  • Take a horseback ride through the rainforest.

    Much like with a Macal River canoe trip, this activity gives you the chance to share a horse and ride through verdant vistas lush with exotic plants and animals. 

  • Kick back and hole up in a resort.

    Belize’s rich tourism industry has seen the development of several exceptional resorts. Sometimes the best way to enjoy your significant other’s company is to spend the day, and the night, in the comforts of luxury while the sounds of the jungle can be heard from your room. Belize Biltmore Plaza has a great Valentine package. 

  • Investigate Xunantunich.

    This massive settlement of the ancient Maya is known for its mysterious tales of a stone woman who greets certain individuals. Even if you are not interested in folklore, the site is majestic to behold. 

  • Hit the high seas!

    What sort of Valentine’s getaway to the Caribbean avoids the water? There are literally hundreds of sites with clear blue waters where you can snorkel, dive, boat and swim. If you can only devote a little time to such pursuits, strongly consider visiting the Belize Barrier Reef; not only it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site but it is also the home of the Great Blue Hole, an amazing underwater sinkhole. 

  • Enjoy a romantic dinner with local specialties.

    There are several uniquely Belizean dishes that you could easily incorporate into a dinner for your someone special: conch fritters, conch soup, dukunu, ceviche and empanadas filled with fresh local meats. While it would make sense to have some wine or champagne for such a meal, every first-timer to Belize owes it to himself to try a bottle of Belikin, the national beer of Belize; Belikin comes in several different product varieties. 

Book your romantic Valentine’s getaway in Belize today and surprise your special someone with an unforgettable and UnBelizeable vacation. 

Written by Larry Waight

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