Weather in Belize 

by McNab Editorial Team

When going on vacation, the type of weather can ultimately determine what kind of vacation you will have. Belize has a subtropical climate and similar to other countries in Central America, there are two seasons – wet and dry. The wet season or hurricane season in Belize is from June to November, while the dry season is December to May. Normally I would suggest that coming to Belize is perfect any time of the year, but if you are trying to avoid certain types of weather then here’s what you can expect. 

The Dry Season 

The dry season goes hand-in-hand with Belize’s high season. Most tourists come here during that time to escape the winter in North America, and choose to experience the clear blue skies and warm balmy temperatures we have to offer. Belize’s version of “winter” is filled with plenty of sunshine, cold fronts, a little rain, and nice windy days. The temperature around this time ranges from about 55 degrees F in certain areas to 90 degrees F. The temperatures differ in the country due to certain regions, for example, areas along the coast experience average temperatures of no less than 60 degrees F while areas in the hills experience 50-55 degrees F during the  cold weather. 

March to May has absolutely perfect weather; this is the peak time of the high season as many tourists come for spring break. There is no rainfall so the weather is pleasant and warm making it great for snorkeling, scuba diving, and hiking. May is the last month before the start of the wet season/low season consequently tour companies and resorts begin to offer discounts on their tours and accommodations.  


The Wet Season 

 The wet season starts in June, as well as the low season for tourism. The reason this is called the low season is because of the amounts of rain, tropical storms, and potential hurricanes. Being here during the wet season can mean that your days would start off sunny and unexpectedly get ruined by rain or thunderstorms. Due to the amount of rainfall certain tours are expected to be canceled due to flooding of the river, or impassable areas. The weather during this time usually is humid and still very hot leading up to November when it begins to get cool.  

So if your trip is dependent on the weather, this little guide should help you in planning your great Belize experience! 

Written by Reyann Garcia

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