What to Expect When Time to Travel Again

by Larry Waight
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If you’re an avid traveler or simply cannot wait to visit Belize for the first or second time, you’re probably wondering when you can expect to travel again. Many areas around the world are inching towards reopening, and that includes for air travel. Air travel is happening in various places, but sometimes it hinges on whether the travelers are from highly affected areas. Let’s take a look at some travel precautions around the world, and where Belize is presently at.

Belize & COVID-19

International Airport

Belize reopens its international airport starting August 15. Photo courtesy Maya Island Air.

The first COVID-19 case was announced in Belize on March 23, 2020. From that point, five confirmed cases were in place by April. However, by May, there had only been a total of 18 cases in Belize. A total of two deaths occurred and the other 16 recovered by early May. In June, only a few cases have been reported from those who came from outside the country. The country total is currently 24 cases. 

Initially, several countries were banned from Belize with the effect that travelers from those places were not allowed to enter. These areas included Europe, China, Hong Kong, Iran, Japan and South Korea. Restrictions throughout Belize have started loosening recently due to the low number of cases. A full roster of approved countries are expected prior to the international airport reopening on August 15. 

Changes to expect in the Airline Industry

If you are thinking of traveling to Belize once you can, there are some measures to be aware of. Airlines are engaging in regular and intense cleaning of cabins and public spaces. Most airports require the use of masks in public areas; you may also choose to wear gloves. Social distancing of six feet is generally also in place. The TSA recently changed its policies by allowing customers to bring a 12-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer in their luggage versus the previous amount of 3.4 ounces.

Both airlines and airports have already, or will likely, conduct temperature checks of passengers. You may not be allowed to board if your temperature is over a certain degree. The CDC in America has guidelines in place for crews and staff to keep an eye out for passengers showing signs of illness. Some countries are also starting to require 14-day self-quarantining for those coming from abroad. As expected, this can significantly affect your travel plans in some cases. It’s a good idea to check for current quarantine rules before making travel plans. Another measure being rolled out is contact tracing through smartphone apps. These apps alert you if you come in contact with someone who is infected or at risk for infection.

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Ultimately, traveling in the COVID-19 era is likely to be very different for some time. It’s important to make sure that you check the guidelines of the country you’re traveling to before making plans. You may also want to get tested yourself before traveling to make sure that you don’t have the virus. While Belize slowly prepares to reopen tourism on August 15, be sure to check back in on our travel advisory for when you’re ready to visit. 

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