Why This Bustling Belize Village Might Be The Right Place to Put Down Roots

by Khaila Gentle

Located off the Philip Goldson Highway, the Ladyville Community isn’t your average village. With a population of over 5,000 and counting (as of 2010), and most of the creature comforts you’re likely accustomed to, it’s more akin to a large town or a small city. Lately, its peaceful atmosphere and convenient location has been a major draw for aspiring home owners and anyone seeking a change of pace or environment. Located on the northern end of the winding Belize river, Ladyville might just be the perfect blend of rural and urban life. Keep reading to learn more about what this quaint but ever-growing community has to offer anyone looking for some place to put down roots.

The Town Within A Village

Ladyville is the home of Belize’s largest pub and brewery.

Will Ladyville become a town soon? That’s the question that many residents in Belize have been asking for as long as ten years now. It’s a testament to the bustling Belize village’s fast rate of growth and expansion. With the International Airport, a vast number of restaurants and supermarkets, and even the country’s largest pub and brewery just a stone’s throw away, the community is a far cry from what one pictures when they hear the world “village”.

Ladyville has grown to become, essentially, a suburb of Belize City. It’s an ideal location for anyone seeking a peaceful but conveniently located community. And if that happens to be you, then you might be happy to know that settling down in this beloved community won’t cost a fortune.

Vista Real Estate, a full service local real estate agency in Belize, offers choices in properties ranging from luxurious villas to cozy residences. And, quite a few of those properties are listed for under $200, 000. That includes two stunning homes in the Ladyville community known as Vista del Mar.

Two Town Houses in Ladyville On Sale for Under $200K

A Lovely Town House in Vista Del Mar ($195,000)

This three bedroom, two bathroom town house is currently listed for $195,000. Sitting on a 75 ft. x 100 ft. fully fenced Lot, it offers a world of space. That includes an open plan living/dining area and a kitchen with customized cabinetry, and cool and airy bedrooms. It also comes complete with central air conditioning, hurricane shutters, a garage/storage area. Enjoy entertaining family and friends in the property’s lush backyard.

Set in phase 1 of the Vista del Mar community, this town house is just a short drive away from the Caribbean Sea. It also lies within driving distance from a number of supermarkets, restaurants, and even the Belize airport.

3 Bed 2 Bath Town House in Vista Del Mar, Phase 1 ($167, 500)

Also located in Phase 1 of the Vista del Mar community, this 3 bed, 2 bath town house is going for just over $167,000 . Situated on Oyster Drive, it’s built on a sizeable 75 ft. x 100 ft. neatly manicured lot and enclosed by a sturdy concrete privacy fence.

This Ladyville town house is the perfect choice for a family home. In addition to a number of businesses, it sits in close proximity to clinics, schools, churches, banks, and gas stations.

Interested in putting down roots in the Ladyville area of Belize? Contact Vista Real Estate to schedule a viewing or browse their website for more listings.

Featured Photo courtesy of Vista Real Estate. 

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