3 Top Hotel Gym Experiences To Get In Shape While Exploring Belize

by Gisselle Hernandez

In recent years, more wellness-minded travelers are looking to better both their mental and physical health while on vacation. Perhaps many ages ago it would be rare for a traveler to book a hotel based on its gym. But now, fitness has become a priority for many, especially after spending the past two years in a mostly sedentary for remote workers. And hotels are taking notice of this, including resorts in Belize. No longer is the hotel fitness gym center an afterthought in Belize. Resorts want travelers to feel like the best version of themselves, and if that includes swapping out the one treadmill that has seen better days, so be it. Still, there are some health centers that are leagues above others, ones that truly want you to have not just a workout session, but a wellness experience. Below we have rounded up the very best fitness centers inside award-winning Belize hotels for a gym experience, often with a view. 

Naia Resort & Spa. 


Aerial yoga, anyone? Image via Naia Resort & Spa.

The Placencia resort already makes headlines for its celebrity-approved spa sanctum. But the cutting-edge facility goes further than its highly praised massages and body polishes. The fitness center at Naia Resort and Spa offers varied equipment for all types of regimens. From strength training machinery to the essential free weights, no boring workout can happen with the views of the lagoon right outside. Yogis will be happy to know Naia Resort’s fitness center offers a yoga and movement studio and occasionally hosts yoga classes. High ceilings and accordion glass doors are the architectural highlights, but you’ll be focused on stilling the body and mind amidst a calming environment. 

Alaia Belize. 

The Marriot-branded property’s K’in Spa and Wellness Center is the same high caliber as the rest of its luxurious amenities. Ambergris Caye’s Alaia Belize hopes to “stimulate the senses and warm your heart” when stepping into K’in. The space is designed to create room for both relaxing and reenergizing. Multiple treadmills mean no waiting for one to become available, leading to a seamless schedule when staying at Alaia. Floor-to-ceiling windows let ample light filter in so you can be enshrouded in sunlight while closing your workout rings for the day. 

Victoria House Resort & Spa.

State-of-the-art doesn’t even cut it when it comes to Victoria House’s on-site fitness center. From exercise balls and ellipticals to matrix treadmills and weight-training benches, the 500-square foot gym is attached to the Belize hotel’s full-service spa. It’s also air-conditioned, a gratifying feature with San Pedro’s tropical heat. Guests are welcome to get their workout sessions in after spending the day either tanning at the resort’s private beach or lounging at the on-site infinity pool. Victoria House Resort & Spa takes detailed care in each amenity they provide, and the same goes with its gym clad with flat-screen TVs and floor-to-ceiling mirrors. 


Working out at the hotel gym while on vacation in Belize doesn’t have to be the chore it’s often painted as. These avant-garde hotel fitness centers prove as much. But if you’d rather waste no time exploring Belize and still get your steps in, check out this list to stay active while on your Belize vacation.

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