4 Belize Hotels To Help You Connect With Nature – And Yourself

by Gisselle Hernandez

With the rise of wellness travel in the past couple of years, many luxury resorts around the world are scrambling to jump on the bandwagon. They either throw in a yoga deck on the property or try to bring nature to guests through biophilic designs. But Belize has effortlessly been at the forefront of nature and wellness travel for decades. There’s no need to force the mirage of jungles and wildlife inside your suite when the actual rainforest is mere steps outside your room. It’s safe to say, then, that most resorts in Belize allow guests the privilege of connecting with nature by simply taking a walk outside.

What makes Belize hotels different, however, is that the connection goes further than strolling through forests teeming with life. Certain hotels are designed to help you connect with your inner self, as well. The surrounding nature is simply a helpful catalyst in making that happen. When it comes to finding synergy with soul and nature, there are four Belize resorts that never disappoint.

Gaia Riverlodge

This Belize resort’s motto sets the precedent for what to expect once you arrive: “private by nature.” But Gaia Riverlodge’s expansive surrounding jungle isn’t merely aesthetics. Guests can actively explore the lush rainforests every time they step outside their room. Garden-lined pathways and thick-trunked trees help travelers forget that an entire world lies outside this paradise. For a more immersive experience, Gaia Riverlodge offers jungle walks either in the early morning or under the cover of stars at nighttime. Both provide an up-close look at the biodiversity Belize’s Mountain Pine Ridge region is so widely known for. 

GAIA Riverlodge ecotourism destination belize

GAIA Riverlodge operates on hydropower.

Where nature sets the stage for wellness at Gaia, so do its on-site spa activities. At Gaia, the spa won’t be an average run-of-the-mill experience like at giant hotel chains. Here, your massages and treatments take place beneath a cozy thatched cabana in the heart of the rainforest. Natural ingredients sourced from the Belizean, Guatemalan, and Mexican wilderness are used for restorative benefits.

Hidden Valley Inn

Staying at Hidden Valley Inn automatically puts you in connection with nature since it boasts 7,200 acres of forest in the Mountain Pine Ridge area. Forest bathing is the name of the game here and the surrounding jungle is easily accessible within the private reserve. Yoga platforms dot the property, but they’re not perched on any random site. Each platform offers stunning views of the forest, whether overlooking a gushing waterfall, a peaceful creek or cocooned by looming trees. Some are within a short walking distance to the Inn while others are a well-earned reward after some hiking.

If you’re up for the latter, we suggest hiking to the breathtaking Butterfly Falls, exclusive to Hidden Valley guests. The view – and water – alone will bring healing and restoration. Hidden Valley’s wellness journey doesn’t end there. Their Nikte’ Ha Spa offers services a la carte which includes massages, facials, and more.

San Ignacio Resort Hotel

This Belize hotel is proof you don’t need to be off-grid to enjoy jungle life to the fullest when looking to stay at a nature resort. San Ignacio Resort Hotel has always been dubbed the only “jungle in town,” and crossing its lobby into the outdoors you’ll understand why. Sprawled across its backyard is a dense forest that offers medicinal trails for hiking and is home to hundreds of species of wildlife. The historic hotel sits on 17 acres yet of the jungle yet is within walking distance of ice cream shops, the Farmer’s Market, and even a Maya ruin

Apart from its thrill-seeking activities, SIRH doesn’t hold back on helping guests reach their very best selves. Each stay is riddled with a rejuvenating dimension whether you’re there to celebrate an anniversary, a honeymoon, a buddymoon, or for business travel. From aromatherapy massages and full-body Swedish massages to facials and natural cleansers, wellness treatments can address specific needs. But there’s one wellness activity that we’re sure spa resorts in Bali lack: copal cleansing.

carolee copal cleanse San Ignacio resort

During the medicinal trail tour, your guide will carefully add resin from the copal tree to a clay holder with burning coal and conduct a short ritual to ward off evil spirits and the “evil eye.” The strong fragrant smoke will engulf you and cleanse your body and soul of any ill intentions, leaving you feeling clean and whole at San Ignacio Resort Hotel.

Naia Resort and Spa 

Even when moving away from the rainforest-clad region of Western Belize you still get a taste of the jungle despite being near the beach. A perfect example is Placencia’s Naia Resort & Spa, a deeply intimate beachfront resort nestled within a 200-acre private resort complete with a lily-covered lagoon. The uncommon playground allows you to get the best of both worlds. Now you don’t have to pick between tanning on a beach or going forest bathing.


When it comes to their spa, Naia Resort is fully equipped with a fitness center and a yoga movement studio. The kicker? Naia’s Spa sits over a collection of small islands across the freshwater lagoon, painting a backdrop of utter tranquility. The resort designed the spa, which was heavily influenced by the nature around it, with the goal to stimulate all senses. Upon arriving, your outside senses are immediately switched off and all you will focus on is the jungle canopy keeping you secluded and protected. Once you’ve received your state-of-the-art spa services, take a dip in the spa pool and embrace the sounds of nature.

Header image of Gaia Riverlodge courtesy ROEming Belize.

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