5 Must-Try Belizean Breakfast Favorites

by Caribbean Lifestyle Editorial Team
meat pies

One of the best ways to learn about a country is through its food. After all, Belize’s culinary landscape is diverse due to its culture diversity that ultimately makes for flavorful cuisines. Whether you’re daydreaming about a past trip or a possible future travel, here’s five must-try, authentically-Belizean breakfast favorites! A classic Belizean breakfast combines the best of Belize’s colonial history with its Caribbean culture and roots. It all adds up to a tasty ensemble of flavors you won’t find anywhere else in the world. As far as “a mixing pot of culture” goes, what’s on the plate counts just as much! 

The Ultimate Belizean Breakfast: Fry Jacks

fry jack

Fry Jacks are delicious, fluffy pillows of fried flour dough in the shape of triangles or half-moons that is traditionally found on breakfast menus countrywide. Arguably, the Fry Jack is Belize’s number one breakfast favorite! The delightful puffy treat is perfectly paired with a side of eggs (scrambled, sunny-side-up, over-easy, any way you want it!), refried beans, your choice of meat, and cheese. Order separately, or step it up by making it a Stuffed Jack! Fry Jacks can be eaten as savory or sweet, like honey, jelly, jam, or even powdered sugar.  

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Johnny Cakes

Johnny Cakes, sometimes found as Journey Cakes, is a coconut milk-based unsweetened biscuit. Often, you’ll find this Belizean breakfast layered with your choice of refried beans, cheese, ham or even shredded chicken. While a few stories have been passed around as to the origin of the name, perhaps the most popular one is that they were originally called Journey Cakes because of their ability to last on long trips. “Journey” eventually became “Johnny”, assuming with a Creole translation. Nonetheless, these Belizean favorites can be found at food vendors countywide.

Meat Pies

meat pies

While it may not sound like a breakfast item, meat pies are truly the best-selling, most popular breakfast food in Belize. These mini hand pies are a Belizean staple simply made for eating on the go. After all, you will often see vendors riding around with coolers on the front of their bikes selling these little pies – fresh and hot at both breakfast and lunchtime. These pies are an ideal pocket food as they are made to eat on-the-go and readily accessible in both quantity and price, usually costing $1.50 BZ ($0.75 USD).  Meat pies are purely dough stuffed with chicken or beef, and seasoned sauce; golden crisp on the outside, warm, soft, and juicy on the inside. It’s like a soup explosion in your mouth! 

While the debate over who makes the best meat pies in Belize continues daily; for those visiting, we recommend these shops as your go-to for trying them: Dario’s Meat PieBelizean Meat Pies, Ladyville Meat Pies, and Pou’s Meat Pie. 

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Breakfast Burrito

Belizean breakfast burrito

A Belizean Breakfast Burrito @ Neri’s Tacos in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. Photo by FoodFunTravel

Breakfast burritos are filled with goodness made to order just the way you like it! Starting with a base of a fresh, soft flour tour, scrambled eggs meet refried beans and freshly made salsa before meeting a generous sprinkling of deliciously salty grated Dutch Edam cheese. Feeling spicy? Be sure to ask for a sprinkling of habanero pepper sauce – usually homemade and unique (including spice level) to each vendor.

Street Tacos


The ‘street taco’ is another uncomplicated and popular breakfast favorite in Belize. In Belize, tacos are traditionally sold as warm corn (maize) tortillas stuffed with succulent and spiced shredded meat, more commonly chicken or pork. Looking to visit Northern Belize? The Orange Walk District has become ubiquitous with fame for its “street tacos” . Nonetheless, you are likely to pass food vendors at most street corners selling tacos regardless of where you find yourself in country. Enjoy your tacos with chilled horchata, freshly-squeezed lime juice, or the Ambergris Caye favorite – banana juice

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