7 Signs You’re Ready For A Vaxi-cation in Belize

by Gisselle Hernandez

As the travel industry slowly recovers from the aftermath that was 2020, many are looking to destinations that are deemed safe for travel re-entry. Belize has notably been one of them, with an aggressive vaccination campaign in full-force and earning the prestigious “Safe Travels” seal from the World Tourism & Travel Council. You may be one of the many who are contemplating whether now’s the time to cash in all those PTOs, especially if you’ve been vaccinated. If you’re having a hard time knowing whether you’re due for a tropical getaway, here’s a handy list that will let you know it’s time to book. 


Grab life, in Belize. Image courtesy Belize Tourism Board

  1. You have an OOO email at the ready. A good indication that you’re itching to get on a plane is having an out of office message already sitting in your drafts, ready to fire. Did you write it on a whim? Out of sheer desper–err, inspiration? Either way, keep it handy. 
  2. Lingering in the foreign food aisle at your local Trader Joe’s. Nights spent dreaming of fluffy panades, delicious conch soup and spice-ridden hudut has you staring longingly at the international ingredients at your local grocery store. Drop the grocery basket and hop on a flight to quell your cravings of Belize’s cultural foods. 
  3. Your coworkers are tired of hearing your “Creole.” You’ve been practicing your enunciation, testing the Belizean dialect on your tongue, and reading local blogs on the best phrases to learn before your trip. It’s all right, you’re doing great! But if your coworkers start exchanging glances after your 64th time greeting them with “Weh di go awn,” it’s probably time to book your trip. 
  4. You’ve been hate-liking Belize photos on Instagram. Like many millennials, you may choose Instagram as your preferred itinerary planner as opposed to trusted travel sites (no judgment here!) Scrolling through the Ambergris Caye location tag on the photo-sharing app, you may find yourself feeling major FOMO (fear of missing out) vibes emanating from your screen. “Amazing pic!” you may comment on a stranger’s photo, but inside you may be thinking “I wish that were me.” If you also have a saved list of just Belize photos, you definitely are in need of a Belize vaxi-cation. 
  5. You’ve got a “just in case” suitcase packed at the back of your closet. No explanation needed. A great swimsuit, reef-safe sunscreen and sandals are all you need, and you’ve got it ready, too! 
  6. You have set alerts for airfare drops. Your inbox is chock-full of airfare-drop alerts, a tactic to make sure you don’t miss a great deal on a flight to Belize. In fact, Belize is welcoming two new airlines this year: Frontier Airlines and Alaska Air, so keep that in mind! 
  7. Checking Belize weather incessantly. Your built-in weather app now has its own Belize weather as a destination. If you find yourself periodically checking how the weather is in Belize, you are way past due needing a vacation. What are you waiting for? 

Note: Belize’s current entry requirements require all travelers entering Belize, regardless of their vaccination status, to present a negative COVID-19 test. 

Header image courtesy Sunset Caribe Belize

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