Active Travelers Should Embark On A Belize Reef and Rainforest Adventure  

by Larry Waight

Some travelers are more daring and want to have an adventure wherever they go. For those with wanderlust who want nothing more than to experience the majesty of the natural world around them, Belize makes an ideal vacation destination. Choosing a Reef and Rainforest Adventure Package gives you the best of both worlds so you can experience Belize’s major environments firsthand.

Start With The Reefs

Photo Courtesy: Oceana Belize

Located in the heart of Central America right on the Caribbean Sea, Belize has some amazing offshore experiences to offer visitors. Belize boasts the second largest barrier reef in the world, where hundreds of species of fish, coral, sharks, stingrays, sea turtles, and other marine life can be found. For people who love to view marine life and underwater formations, Belize will deliver.

A bird’s eye view of the redesigned deck. Image courtesy of Matachica

Snorkeling and diving excursions are some of the most popular activities in Belize. If you are a qualified diver, you can even dive into Belize’s Great Blue Hole, a major marine sinkhole and flooded cave system that is known as one of the best dive sites on Earth. You can dive with nurse sharks or sea turtles, and learn a lot about the marine life that calls Belize’s coastal waters home.

Then Go Explore The Rainforest

The winding road into Mountain Pine Ridge is lined with adventure. Image via Gaia Riverlodge

Belize is covered in thick rainforest and rugged terrain that has captured the imaginations of human beings for thousands of years. The ancient Maya inhabited the region and their presence can still be felt today in the ruins, numerous ceremonial sites, and the modern descendants they left behind.

Maya ruins dot the jungles of Belize, and they are among the top attractions for visitors. A Reef and Rainforest Adventure package simply won’t be complete without visits to some of the country’s most famous Maya sites. Zip lining and cave tubing are activities that will appeal to adventurers and don’t forget to hike through jungle reserves to see elusive, exotic wildlife.

Places To Stay

Many resorts in Belize offer travel packages that let you explore both the country’s inland and offshore areas that are still wild and untamed. Two, however, stand above the rest. Because the resorts are siblings, a Reef and Rainforest package cover a 7-day total vacation with stays at both for a complete experience.

Matachica Resort and Spa

A boutique resort, Matachica is located on Ambergris Caye, Belize’s largest island and premier destination for those who want to get out on, or in, the water. Snorkel at both the Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley Marine Reserves and use the resort’s complimentary kayaks, paddleboards, and bicycles to go on a little adventure of your own. You will also get a chance to relax at the resort’s Jade Spa for a unique Belizean spa experience. Other activities you can participate in include dive tours, fishing, and sailing. Of course, if you just want to spend some time relaxing on the beach in between excursions, that’s fine too!

Gaïa Riverlodge

Located on the other side of the country in the Cayo District, Gaia is becoming well-known for being the primary destination for eco-tourism in Belize. The package includes a day trip to the Caracol Maya site, a more recently excavated site tucked away in the jungle. This trip includes a stop at the Rio Frio Cave, where religious rituals were once regularly performed, and again at the Rio On pools where you can go for a swim. At the resort, you can engage in daily jungle walks and birdwatching with knowledgeable local guides who will tell you all about what you see. You can also choose to hike through the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, which surrounds the resort and is home to a wide variety of wildlife.

luxury villa Matachica Resort belize sea view

Meanwhile, both are among the top resorts in Central America and provide a relaxed, private atmosphere for guests in luxury. They also strive for sustainability in all areas and are known as leaders in the eco-tourism industry. By choosing to stay here, you will be contributing to the protection of Belize’s natural resources for the generations to come. Choosing a Reef and Rainforest Adventure Vacation package offers an unbeatable value on a trip to Belize for people who love to adventure and explore. Whether you are here for a honeymoon, a fun time with friends, or a solo adventure, you can have it all when you book your stay.

Header image courtesy Matachica Resort.

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