APAMO Member Ya’axché Conservation Trust’s EcoTourism Belize receives Gold Standard Certification

by Carolee Chanona
Rio Blanco National Park toledo Belize

Ya’axché’s ecotour operator, Ecotourism Belize, is now officially Gold Standard Certified! Now, visitors can safely explore all the cultural and environmental offers of the Toledo district—including the Golden Stream Corridor Preserve. Besides sustainable tours, guests can enjoy transportation and accommodation services with EcoTourism Belize, now with enhanced health and safety measures. There may not be beaches like its Stann Creek counterpart, but the charm of Toledo runs far deeper. The heart of the district is home to mostly Kek’chi Maya and Garifuna people just blocks from the coast; venture to the ‘Deep South’ to experience culture, conservation, and cuisine in one package!

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As a community oriented NGO, Ya’axché Conservation Trust has made a priority to improve its tour operations with enhanced safety measures while minimizing impact on visitor’s experience. Ya’axché is also committed to provide a safe workplace by implementing its response plan for COVID-19 among employees and communities in the Maya Golden Landscape. Ya’axché focuses on bringing harmony between nature and human development for the benefit of both; protecting wild places and empowering communities in southern Belize.

Why not leave a lasting impact when you travel to Belize?

Protected areas are the perfect way to explore and to be adventurous while contributing to the conservation of Belize’s natural resources and to local communities! APAMO currently boasts 15 members and a collective of 27 protected areas across Belize. Did someone say road trip?

About Ya’axche Conservation Trust 

As a member of the Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations (APAMO), Ya’axche was founded in 1998 by a consortium of local leaders. The motive for creating the organization was to safeguard a natural corridor connecting the forests of the Maya Mountains with the lowland forests of the Caribbean coastal plains. For those curious, APAMO is Belize’s umbrella association for Protected Areas (PAs) Co-managers. Not to mention, APAMO boasts fifteen protected areas co-manager members and a total of twenty-eight protected areas across Belize. Collectively, this helps to conserve 1.29 million acres of Belize’s biodiversity—improving the lives of thousands in Belize, including through ecotourism.

Feature photo courtesy of Quilz Tamay Photography/APAMO. All other photos not captioned are courtesy of Ya’axché Conservation Trust

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