Why Visit the Rio Frio Cave, One of Belize’s Most Beautiful Spots

by Larry Waight
photo by duarte dellarole

As a country, Belize has a lot going for it as a travel destination. You have natural beauty, a tropical climate by the Caribbean Sea, plenty of diverse culture, and you can get by perfectly fine speaking English. The Rio Frio Cave is just one of the many notable natural wonders that abound in Belize, especially if you want a chill spot to vacation or relax in during the hotter months of the year.

Where To Find The Cave

The Rio Frio Cave is within the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve and is easily reachable from Georgeville in the Cayo District. The paths within are well-maintained and with enough stepping stones to lead you into the entrance. While you will obviously want to go as deep as possible, take some time to appreciate just how wide and expansive the initial chamber is. As far as traversal goes, first-time spelunkers will have an easy time going through, making it a perfectly viable activity for even seniors, children, first-time cavers and anyone in less-than-peak physical condition.

What’s Inside


Photo by Leonardo Melendez Photography

The initial chamber has massive 70-foot arches along both end with colored boulders and a sweeping array of stalactites along the ceiling. It can be a little intimidating to realize just how big the entrance can be; let alone the entirety of this cave. Upon properly entering the cave, visitors can follow the path of the stalactites ito the cave system that doubled as a cemetery for the Maya. Huge boulders are all over the place; a stream of water flows through them, leading to several pools with cascading falls. In this cave system, visibility is far from an issue.

What To Take

Daytime travels are guided by sunlight peaking through each end of the quarter-mile path. That said, it does not hurt to have a waterproof flashlight with you when looking for the best footing for leaving the cave. Make sure to prepare for some relaxing once you exit as the stream of water within this cave comes from a river surrounded by sandy beach at each end. What better way to celebrate a trip through the cave than by relaxing or even having a picnic? 

Rio On Pools Belize mountain pine ridge

Rio On Pools in Western Belize’s Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. Photo by Duarte Dellarole

While Belize has plenty of activities for you to enjoy and cherish when you visit her, the Rio Frio Cave should definitely fall somewhere on your itinerary. Not only is it a great starting point for anyone looking to tour Belize’s other caves, its also surrounded by post-caving relaxation. Take a dip in the Pools at Rio Frio, which translates to cold river; you’ll definitely appreciate the name after a dip in the water! 

Header photo by Duarte Dellarole

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