Belize Marked as a Destination for Brits’ Post-Covid Holidays

by Vivian Roe

With a vaccine in sight for the UK and a test-to-release [from quarantine] scheme, Belize is one of the destinations on the map for British travelers seeking an upcoming holiday. The top reasons for this include the three (3) easy entry requirements, the small number of incoming tourists and the fact that English is Belize’s official language. As a former British colony, the country still holds ties to Great Britain. Entry requirements are easy and travelers holding a valid British passport do not need a visa to enter the country. In addition, the local language in Belize is English. This means travelers do not need to worry about language barriers or conversation getting lost in translation.

Belize: A Destination Bound for Brits from the UK

Photo © CNN

Another big draw to Belize is its relatively off-the-beaten track and still undiscovered. You can choose to spend your days completely isolated on an island or traipsing the lush jungle without coming across another soul. Even the larger islands live by the motto ‘go-slow’ and rush-hour is almost entirely non-existent. In addition to these benefits, this little gem offers bountiful activities and adventures.

Bikes UK Brits Copal Tree lodge belize

Biking in the greenery of Belize. Photo by Copal Tree Lodge

From pristine beaches, water activities, jungle tours and Maya ruins, there is so much to see and do. And for those that want to do nothing, there is that option as well. British Airways ( flies from London Heathrow to Belize City via Miami. Learn about all the ways to fly into Belize here.

Read more here on all the reasons to choose Belize as outlined by top British publication, The Telegraph. Feature photo of Moho Caye, Belize by Roeming Belize.

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