Belize named in Forbes “Best Places to Travel Around the World” in 2022

by Gisselle Hernandez

Belize has made the travel headlines yet again, this time with industry giant Forbes listing the Central American country as an unmissable destination in 2022. The coveted list included the tourism veterans of Barbados, Mexico, Paris, and more. With a UNESCO World Heritage Site lurking beneath the Caribbean Sea and more than 100 protected national parks scattered across the country, it’s no surprise Belize has wowed Forbes journalists – and their readers. 

Home to Mystical Maya Sites & Wondrous Aquatic Habitats 

Caracol Maya Site. Image courtesy Belize Tourism Board

The article makes haste in listing all the marvels that make Belize shine brightly above the rest. Belize’s ancient Maya cities do not go unmentioned, and there’s a special highlight on the reef. It’s true, it’s hard to talk about Belize and not bring up mental images of the towering Caana temple at Caracol, the gushing waterfalls peppering Mountain Pine Ridge, or the sleek marine life darting beneath the crystalline waters. But there’s one aspect that places Belize on a high rung on the ladder, according to Forbes. Connection.


The unmistakable brick-colored road of Mountain Pine Ridge. Image courtesy Roeming Belize

“But [tourism additions] are merely supporting characters in my ultimate reason to visit Belize right now: connection,” says Stephanie Vermillion, travel journalist. “It’s something we all crave after two odd years of paused travel; it’s also where Belize shines.”

nurse shark snorkel

Snorkeling with nurse sharks. Image by Josh Nunez

The article goes on to describe the connection to wildlife via dive and snorkel trips along the barrier reef. But the strong bond doesn’t stop there. There’s a tightly woven connection between travelers and the bond they form with the people of Belize. I daresay it’s what makes the entire trip that much more transformative. 

Connection in unlikely places 

Big_Rock_Falls_ MPR

Big Rock Falls in Mountain Pine Ridge. Image courtesy Duarte Dellarole

Connection reaching further than sightseeing and touring has become a priority for travelers seeking deeper travel. Luckily, Belize offers ample samples of such intimate experiences with the eclectic mix of cultures found within its borders. The article shines a spotlight on Belize’s southeast coast, giving credit to the Belize Tourism Board for continuously building pathways for travelers to connect and support indigenous communities. Hopkins and Dangriga are described as a “blend of culture and adventure providing a perfect getaway for culture enthusiasts, thrill-seekers, and beach lovers.” A statement we could not agree with more.

Hopkins’ own Lebeha Drumming Center makes its debut in the article, along with highly sung praises for female-owned foodie haven Tugucina Gloria. These destinations are cultural hubs that continue to shatter the mold of uninspired itineraries. 

If you’re lucky, you may sight a nesting sea turtle on the beach in Belize. Image by Ranguana Caye, a Muy’Ono Resort.

As a curious traveler yourself, take the leap and learn how to break out of your comfort zone. Whether that’s finding your own rhythm with Garifuna drummers, making friends with Loggerhead turtles, or seeing the Great Blue Hole from above. Mention in Forbes or not, these are just a smattering of experiences that truly make Belize one of the best places to travel around the world. 

Header image by SunBreeze Hotel.

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