On Arrival, Tourists to Belize Can Await COVID-19 Test Results at Hotel

by McNab Editorial Team
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When Belize reopens on October 1, foreign visitors — tourists — arriving without a negative PCR Test can await their rapid test results at their hotel. Tourists without a negative PCR test result valid within 72 hours of travel must take a COVID-19 double rapid test at the airport. This is at a cost of US$50.00 per person. However, depending on health screening results, tourists may be randomly selected for secondary testing. On arrival, all arriving travelers will be subject to temperature and health screening.

Editor’s Note: Belize expanded entry requirements to accept a negative PCR Test result within 96 hours of arrival or a negative Rapid Test within 48 hours of arrival. Read more here.

Double Rapid Tests at the Belize Airport’s Health Unit

Tourists arriving with a PCR test result within 72 hours of travel can access Belize’s fast track lane; this allows continuing to Immigration and Customs. However, those without one will be re-routed to the airport’s Health Testing Unit. At a cost to the traveler, these tourists must take a rapid test inside the airport’s clinic; complete with its own waiting room, testing stations, laboratory, restroom and isolation room. Thereafter, all tourists can exit the Airport within the Safe Corridor via approved air or ground transportation. Tourists that were given a rapid test can receive their test results at their Gold Standard hotel. Results are delivered via Belize’s Ministry of Health. According to the Belize Tourism Board, this will minimize the processing time at the Airport and allow for a smoother and faster passenger flow.

While in Belize, all tourists must book with a Gold Standard approved property (see full list here) inside Belize’s Safe Corridor. All tours, activities and entertainment are also recommended to be booked with their hotel (or partnering Gold Standard Tour Operator) to ensure that they remain within the Corridor. Additionally, tourists will be subject to daily check-in on the Belize Travel Health App. If a tourist tests positive, quarantining at their Gold Standard hotel is mandatory until cleared by the Ministry of Health.

For more on the Belize’s arrival protocols, see here

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