Belize’s Toledo District Is One of the Best Places to Travel Crowd-Free, Says The Washington Post

by Khaila Gentle

In the world of underrated travel destinations, Belize’s Toledo district is definitely a front-runner. It boasts gorgeous landscapes (think verdant mountains and tranquil coasts alongside a smattering of caves, creeks, and rivers). Plus, it offers plenty of options for both adventure and relaxation. It has everything one could ever want in a Central American vacation and then some. Undoubtedly, with time, more and more travelers will begin flocking to Belize’s “forgotten south” in search of authentic and off-the-beaten-path experiences. For now, though, it remains a hidden gem and – according to the Washington Post – one of the best places to travel in 2024 without crowds.  Here’s what the WP had to say about this crowd-free destination.

Where to travel in 2024, without crowds

Toledo District, Belize

Rio Blanco Falls water

Rio Blanco Falls in Toledo, Belize. Photo via Tahnee Wilson/IG @tahneealanawilson

For a Caribbean escape far from crowds, head to the southernmost district of Belize. “There is a lot to do,” Belizean birding guide Roni Martinez said, such as exploring waterfalls, caves, and large rainforest reserves, and learning about the mix of people who have made Toledo home, including Maya and East Indian communities.

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Don’t miss: As most of Toledo has rocky shores, Martinez recommends taking a boat tour to nearby islands — such as the Port Honduras Marine Reserve — for “picture-perfect” white-sand beaches.

Toledo ranks along with other crowd-free destinations like Popayán, Colombia; Fukui, Japan; and Sumba, Indonesia.

Featured Photo courtesy of ROEming Belize Travel Agency. This article was adapted from “Underrated Travel Destinations for 2024 Vacations Without Crowds” by the Washington Post. Read the full list here.  

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