Best Belize Resorts For An Outdoor Siesta

by Gisselle Hernandez

Sometimes after a long day of hiking, snorkeling, or just exploring the country, the best reward is a well-earned nap. Many luxe hotels in Belize boast fluffy beddings with each room, a God-send after an adventurous day. But sometimes you just need a little change of scenery to get some shut-eye in between tours. Luckily, there are quite a few resorts in Belize that offer the best spots for an outdoor nap. 

Matachica Resort

This adults-only resort offers some of the best napping locations on the whole island of Ambergris Caye. Their Seafront and Seaview rooms have their own private hammocks right outside the rooms, ready to welcome you for an afternoon siesta. 

Watch the sun set behind the unmistakeable dock at Matachica Resort. Image courtesy

The resort also has its famous herringbone-wooden dock which houses seven pods for lounging. These comfortable pods sit under large umbrellas, providing cool shade so you can drift off easier to the sounds of the sea. 

Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge 

MuyOno’s Sweet Songs Lodge is tucked in the jungles of Western Belize, right near the Macal River. A resort often recommended for their affinity for romance, Sweet Songs recently added their Premier Treehouse to their roster. The beautiful room comes complete with a standalone bathtub and a suspended outdoor daybed, the best jungle napping location if there ever was one.

premier treehouse jungle sweet songs lodge muyono belize

While not entirely outdoors  – there is a mosquito screening between the bed and the jungle – it still instills immersion of nature as you doze off. If you want some real one-on-one relaxing time with nature, their Treehouse suite has a suspended tree net for lounging.  

The Lodge at Jaguar Reef 

Speaking of suspended nets, Jaguar Reef’s over-the-water bar, Big Dock Bar, has become Insta-famous for its netted lounging area above the water. A premier location to have some cocktails, the suspended net can be more than just a hang-out spot for friends. Apart from using it for a nap – if you get there first – it’s also a great spot to welcome the pink-hued sunrise at dawn. 

Sleeping Giant Lodge


Another great spot to catch some zzz’s is at Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge. The resort offers a variety of rooms – all of the exquisite caliber – and each one possesses your very own hammock right on the private porch.

sleeping giant view

For a more impressive siesta, book a Mountain View room so you can admire the undulating Maya Mountains looming in the distance while you sway on your hammock. You might even spot the resort’s namesake, the Sleeping Giant

Header image courtesy Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge, a Muy’Ono Resort.

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