Booking A Trip to the Caribbean? Travel Smarter With These Tips.

by Khaila Gentle
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Ironically, while vacations can offer tons of rest and relaxation, planning for them, especially if overseas travel is involved, can be pretty stressful. From being able to find a convenient flight to actually packing properly, how well we prepare for our trip can be the ultimate determining factor for how much we enjoy it. Avoid disappointment when you go on your next Caribbean vacation and travel smarter thanks to these tips and tricks.

1. Book Your Flight First

According to Lee Friedman, founder of Mango Tree Travel, when planning Caribbean travel, it’s best to start with flights and not hotels. This is especially the case now, when flight availability and higher airfare prices might make finding that ideal flight a lot harder.  In a recent article by Caribbean Travel Advisor, Friedman also suggests that travelers consider looking to Caribbean destinations with good flights that they may have not considered before.

2. Make A Travel Checklist

Creating a checklist to ensure you’re properly packed for your trip can greatly help to ease some of the stress of travel. As travel publication Travel Noire explains, “it’s important to stick to a tight list of must-have travel items that will make your trip more efficient and stress-free.”

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For Caribbean destinations, this can vary depending on what your planned vacation looks like. Going on thrilling adventures like hiking or ziplining? Make sure you pack the appropriate gear. Planning on unleashing your inner beach bum? Things like sunscreen and swimwear are essential.

More importantly though, ensuring that you have all your documentation, travel insurance, cash, toiletries, and other crucial items are a must.

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3. Do Your Research

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Never underestimate the importance of the “know before you go”.  Do a bit of research on your travel destination. This can help you to get a better idea of what it is you’d like to do in said place and plan your itinerary accordingly. It can also help you when budgeting for your trip. Even more, researching is one of the best ways to know what exactly to pack for your vacation.

4. Keep An Eye Out for Deals

Accommodation takes a huge chunk out of your budget, so knowing how to save on this is valuable to travelers.


Travel smarter and cheaper when you keep an eye out for amazing deals being offered for your destination. This could mean being mindful of seasonal changes in prices (like high season versus low season). It could also mean keeping an eye on your favorite resorts for any special offers and packages.

Travel doesn’t always have to be stressful. With the right amount of preparation and planning, you can not only save some money but also save yourself from some hassle, too.

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