Caribbean Lifestyle: Belize – Our 2020 Performance and Milestones

by Tanya McNab

It has been a tough year for the travel industry. Yet, as we look ahead, we see hope for new opportunities as we enter 2021. The introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine and the safe reopening of destinations like Belize are proof enough that recovery lies ahead. And at Caribbean Lifestyle, our commitment to Belize and the Caribbean remains stronger than ever. As we look back at 2020, we take this opportunity to share some of the progress we made despite the challenges presented. We count each milestone as a step in the right direction and are proud to share the very best of Belize, every day, at

Caribbean Lifestyle 2020 Year in Review

Caribbean Lifestyle: Belize saw a significant growth of website visitors in the year 2020. This proves that wanderlust and the desire to travel to Belize remain present in those around the world.  From January through September 2020, our readership averaged over 100K visitors monthly, peaking over 120K in multiple months. We closed the year with 144,083 visitors in December and hit our ONE MILLION visitor mark on December 29th, 2020. Website Visitor Audience Location

December’s website demographics reflected the following:

  • The United States represented 71%
  • Canada represented 15%
  • Belize accounted for 13% of visitors and
  • Other countries combined to account for the remaining 1% which include the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Guatemala

Top 10 states visiting our site in the USA: California, New Jersey, Texas, Georgia, New York, Illinois, Arizona, Washington, Virginia and Arkansas. These are all important travel markets for Belize. Website Visitor Acquisition

What’s important to note is that 72.9% of this traffic to our site is coming directly from organic Google Search. Why is that so important? It means that very interested people are actually searching for the information on our website. Our blogs and content appear because it was relevant to someone’s search terms and is the most valuable form of traffic you can get to your website. We aren’t sending them ads or forcing non-organic content in their feeds. This is also in part due to our recent Google Publisher Certification in May of 2020 – a milestone for us that was a year in the making!

Read more about Caribbean Lifestyle becoming a Google News Source here.

So what were people so interested in reading about? How did so many people find our site? The team at Caribbean Lifestyle: Belize has published just over 1,140 articles in 2020. Articles topics include:

  • About Visiting Belize
  • Getting to Belize
  • Important COVID-19 Information
  • Belizean Food and Culture
  • Belize Real Estate
  • Our Advertisers and their offerings
  • And other trending travel topics, which were too numerous to mention

On August 15th, 2020, Caribbean Lifestyle published The Belize Gold Book.  This was the first publication to be released for the sole promotion of Belize since the onset of the pandemic. The special edition “Tourism Health and Safety” issue highlights travel industry guidance and new safety protocols for Belize as well as recognizing hotels, restaurants and tour operators. The publication is available in a number of formats including printed magazines in both large and small sizes, plus QR code cards for easy scanning into smartphones. The Gold Book is also available 24/7 on our website at and on

What’s coming up in 2021

You can expect to see more of everything from us – and if you’re an advertiser, you will see increased referrals coming from placing your ads on our website as well as the editorial content released about your business.

In early 2021, you’ll see the launch of a new portal on our website to increase website traffic about Belize Real Estate.  In February, this new release will feature Real Estate firms, agents and listings for Belize. The goal is to have all purchasing options all in one place, making the decision process for buyers easier. Existing real estate clients will automatically be implemented in this section as a complimentary added benefit for the first six months.

As we look towards starting 2021, we are extremely grateful to the clients who have trusted us over the years and take our role in sharing important information about Belize seriously. We know that in 2020 especially, you saw unprecedented challenges. But together, we have succeeded in surviving as an industry. We continue to fire ahead and ensure that we are doing the best we can to represent your businesses!

If you have any questions or would like to work with us, please contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]

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