Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Favorite Belizean Wines and Spirits

by Khaila Gentle

Looking for a way to liven up this Valentine’s Day? Whether you’ll be celebrating with your soulmate, celebrating with your best gals or pals, or celebrating self-love, some locally made libations might be just the thing you need. This year, ditch the traditional silky reds and rosés for something more unique and perhaps even exotic. Here are some of the best Belizean wines and spirits for when you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day in Belize.

Blackberry Wine

Photo courtesy Travellers Liquors Ltd

Smooth and sweet with a rich – and irresistible – aroma, blackberry wine, along with other fermented fruit wines, is a quintessential Belizean drink. Pair this local favorite with a dessert or a savory meal. Or, simply enjoy it by itself, preferably with some scenic views.

Cashew Wine

Cashew wine is another local favorite. Made from the exotic cashew fruit (not the nut), its flavor is a blend of sweet and tart. This beloved wine is best served very cold or over ice.

Belizean Rum

This premium gold rum was inspired by the beauty of Belize. With a smooth, mild vanilla taste, it makes for a great cocktail like a pina colada, a mojito, or a classic cuba libre.

Nanche Liqueur

Fans of the local craboo fruit (also known as nanche and known scientifically as Byrsonima crassifolia) will enjoy this uniquely flavored liqueur. Craboo is a rare grape indigenous to Central America. Use Nanche to make a sweet cocktail or sip on a little bit served cold.

Save on Your Favorite Belizean Wines and Spirits With Traveller’s This February

Travellers Liquors is a Belizean distillery that has been producing libations since 1953. The distillery’s name was chosen to honor all the people it served as they traveled back and forth from Belize’s former capital, Belize City. Every February, Belizeans and visitors alike look forward to the company’s Valentine’s Day sale. This time around, anyone looking to imbibe in some local wines and spirits can take advantage of discount prices from February 6th to 18th.

Featured Photo by Travellers Liquors Ltd 

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