Central American Countries Open to US Travelers, including Belize by The Points Guy

by McNab Editorial Team

Being more than half way through the year, many countries have been adapting to accommodate visitors under the new circumstances brought on by COVID-19. Globally, countries are slowly reopening to international visitors; some remain closed to American travelers, while others require stringent health requirements. Alas, The Points Guy shares eight Central American countries who have reopened and are welcoming U.S. travelers.

The following countries are allowing American travelers:

  1. Belize — open, with PCR test requirements
  2. Costa Rica — open, with PCR test requirements and some restrictions
  3. El Salvador — open, with PCR test requirements and other safety concerns
  4. Guatemala — open, with test requirement
  5. Honduras — open, with PCR test requirements
  6. Mexico — tourist destinations are open, with minimal restrictions
  7. Nicaragua — open, with PCR test requirements
  8. Panama — open, with PCR or antigen test requirements

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Belize has reopened, U.S. Travelers included

Now, American tourists can plan a vacation to Belize. After all, the Belize International Airport (BZE) officially reopened for leisurely travel on Oct. 1.  Travelers are asked to bring a negative coronavirus test taken within 72 hours of their flight; otherwise, they must opt to take a rapid test at the airport at their own expense. Additionally, those testing positive are subject to a mandatory 14-day quarantine, at their own expense. At the airport, travelers will be expected to wear a mask, sanitize their shoes, and go through contactless temperature checks. Visitors will also be required to download the Belize Health App, which will assess health and help the country contact trace if needed. Additionally, the country has implemented a tourism certification program with recommendations to book hotels and tours with business that have received Tourism Gold Standard Certificate of Recognition.

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