Chabil Mar – Beach Resort in Placencia

by McNab VS

Where Are Belize’s Best Beaches? In Placencia, Say Tourists!  

Scientists say that standing on a beach can lower blood pressure and flood the brain with endorphins. Why not see how that feels in Placencia where Chabil Mar Villas set a new standard for luxury vacations?

People love vacationing at beach resorts more than any other type of getaway. It’s easy to understand why. Being footsteps from the shoreline is not just therapeutic, but guests receive 24-hour access to mesmerizing waves and lying on a beach is known to bring back childhood memories of days in the sun. The best beaches in Belize are found on the Placencia peninsula, say travel writers and tourists who wouldn’t think of going elsewhere. You’ll agree.

Why Placencia is unique

This elongated finger of land boasts two coasts and each is unique. The Caribbean Sea washes up on one side of the peninsula and on the other, the Placencia Lagoon offers placid waters. It’s so manageable, you can see it all on a bike, especially if you want to browse the town of Placencia’s coffee shops, restaurants, and shops. See a world of diversity at the Garifuna village of Seine Bight where residents are warm and welcoming.

How did Placencia become a tourism hot spot? It’s lush, safe, fun and affordable—filled with attractions and especially the Placencia Lagoon. Wildlife lovers find this breeding area for birds, saltwater crocodiles, turtles and especially endangered manatees to be the biggest bonus of all and for those who want to explore this “coast” further, you can do it by canoe or kayak.

Discover the best “home base” during your visit  

Chabil Mar Villas has been a Placencia peninsula favorite from the day it opened its doors ( This lush resort’s claim to fame is “Beauty by Belize; Luxury by Design.” That sums up the environment perfectly. A contemporary, full-service property, Chabil Mar is home to beautifully-appointed, modern villas, each one decorated to reflect Belize’s natural beauty.

The rest of the resort is equally stunning. From the onsite Café Mar’s award-winning cuisine under the supervision of Chef Daniel to exotic gardens, ancient trees and landscaping features that turn an already-breathtaking property into paradise, guests frequently fall in love before they even arrive when they view this virtual resort tour:

Save big by choosing a package

When crowds disappear and Belize settles into what many visitors call “the best season of all to visit,” you can take advantage of Chabil Mar rate changes in the spring. Get everything winter visitors to come for at discounts that are kind to your budget. Diverse all-inclusive packages include lodgings, meals, transport to and from Chabil Mar plus tours that include jungle and sea adventures, visits to ancient Maya ruins, deep water fishing and diving Belize’s barrier reef.

While you may come to see the western hemisphere’s best beaches, you’ll find so much more to see and do in Belize, on Placencia, and at Chabil Mar, you wouldn’t be the first visitor to remind yourself to carve out beach time–which is why so many first time visitors return again! 

Written by Larry Waight

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