Belizean Made: The Revolution of Belize Fashion

twig and pearl at belmopan market

Our placement in Central America, the tropical influence of our Caribbean shores and islands, as well as the intricate blend of Mayan, Hispanic, Kriol and Garifuna cultures have each lended a rich foundation to draw Belizean fashion inspiration from. While September celebrations may look different this year, we reflect on the unmistakeable Belize heat and (would be) festivities to not only dress comfortably, but also fashionably. You’d be surprised to learn that the fashion scene in Belize is blossoming with innovative local designers leading the way. Like many nations whose story began with colonialism, Belize’s fashion & lifestyle reflects the country’s less-than-40 years of independence from Great Britain. 

A Promising Future for The Industry

Moving away from North American and European media for fashion and lifestyle inspiration, there is a movement towards authentic Belizean art and by extension fashion. TWIG & PEARL is a fashion brand that celebrates the love of Belizean life, while positively impacting the environment. Inspired by the blend of cultures; the strength of feminity, village life and the animals and plants that flourish in the Belizean rainforest and sea.

Designer Rebecca Stirm has created pieces that are beautiful, eco-friendly and practical. Meanwhile, Rebecca inspires a uniquely Belizean lifestyle and look. That is, by honoring the hand-embroidery and beading taught by Mayan mothers to their daughters; creating  accessories built with the art of creole ti-tie basket weaving; and integrating natural wood and shell carvings into the designs. It’s a beauty that celebrates what nature has given us, instead of destroying it. Ultimately, a lifestyle where you can find a balance between the beautiful simplicity of the Belizean Amish, plus the vibrancies and freedom of the Garinagu.

The Belizean fashion industry is young, but lucky to have designers that are creative and ready for the future. A future that is proud of what makes you look, sound, and feel truly Belizean.

Original article adapted from Rebecca Stirm, the Belizean fashion designer behind Twig & Pearl

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