Destination Weddings: Tying the Knot on the Beach in Belize

by Megan Rodden

Imagine it: the soft lighting of a setting sun casting yellow, pink, and purple hues across the white sand and calm Caribbean Sea. You and your partner stand before an intimate gathering of your closest friends and family members to declare your commitment to one another and make official your marital union. How romantic! But a Destination Wedding in Belize isn’t just romantic. It can also be virtually stress-free, more cost efficient, and far more fun than a traditional wedding service. If you will be getting married in 2023 and haven’t considered a Destination Wedding…well, you certainly should, and here’s why!

A Destination Wedding Means More Meaningful Experiences

Destination Weddings are so much more than just a one-day celebration. Brides and Grooms really get to relax, connect, and make lasting memories with their guests when they have a Destination Wedding.

Instead of a rushed ceremony followed by a hectic few hours of dinner and dancing on the tight schedule of a traditional wedding, you can take several days with your friends and family and have more meaningful experiences beyond a few hurried photos and rehearsed speeches.

One of the biggest regrets that Brides have is how quickly their wedding day goes by. After months of plans and preparations, their special day flies by in the blink of an eye! Often, they don’t even get the chance to eat their supper because they’re busy trying to make a few minutes of time to chat with all 100+ guests.

With a Destination Wedding you can all but ensure that the guest list will remain small. You get to have an intimate gathering of those you’re closest to. So, if your dream-wedding-day fantasy doesn’t include small talk with your second cousin once removed or rehashing an embarrassing childhood memory with your parents’ neighbors, then a Destination Wedding might be for you.

Enjoy A Vacation with Purpose


A newlywed couple proudly displays their rings at Chabil Mar’s garden. Image via @Monica Gallardo Photography 

Perhaps you love to travel, or you love warm weather. Maybe you enjoy the beach or you value new experiences and different cultures. Or, perhaps you and your partner already have a special connection to Belize and wish to share your love of this place with friends and family. If any of these things resonate, a wedding in Belize might just suit you.

A Destination Wedding is a vacation with purpose, and who doesn’t love a good excuse to take a holiday? You want to have a good time and see your guests enjoying themselves. You’ll be pampered like royalty and spoiled for choices of adventures if you choose the right beach-side resort to host your nuptials.

Chabil Mar in Placencia is the premiere wedding resort in Belize with over 12 years and more than 150 wedding celebrations under their belt, they’re sure to deliver a seamless celebration.

Have Your Dream Destination Wedding at Chabil Mar Villas

Chabil Mar is a uniquely special resort worthy of your most special day. The beautiful beachfront, all-villa resort’s setting is a Goldilocks location of just right proximity to town, but with the privacy afforded from being slightly removed from the hub of action. Easily access top-notch marine tours or incredible in-land adventures.

With Chabil Mar being a relatively small, boutique resort, it is entirely possible for your wedding party to reserve the entire property. They offer inclusive wedding packages to take the fret out of getting hitched. Professional and accommodating wedding planners will handle the hassle so you can enjoy the experience and turn your attention to your partner and your guests.

Floral, officiant, music, photographer, cake – it is all handled. Trade the worry of a whirlwind wedding for the leisurely delight of a week-long celebration. Escape the pressures of planning a traditional wedding and elope to Belize for a unique union your family will remember forever.

Featured Photo courtesy Chabil Mar Villas / Monica Gallardo Photography

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