How Chabil Mar Villas defines “Beauty by Belize, Luxury by Design”

by Larry Waight

Once upon a time, all one needed was flair, imagination, and a modest budget to become a professional resort or hotel designer. Like all careers, this one has grown to be more expansive – in some cases, resort builders require serious credentials before they hire, which is why so many universities now offer majors in this discipline. What do resort designers do? From site planning and contextural element selection to factoring in landscape design and environmental considerations, each task must be pre-planned so that by the time the groundbreaking is celebrated, everything about the project has been decided. No wonder folks eager to break into this field are being asked for college degrees – and no wonder the team designing Chabil Mar Villas was so delighted to have received this commission!

Job #1: Choosing the right geographic area and theme

It’s no secret that travel writers have been directing potential Central American travelers away from Belize’s party epicenters to a quieter area where visitors can stroll beaches and not run into a soul. Placencia is trending, partially because the lagoon serves as home to gentle manatees that thrive in tranquil waters.

At only 16-miles long and one mile wide, the Placencia peninsula proved the ideal property on which to build Chabil Mar Villas, the only full-service resort located on this lush finger of land.

Villa Veranda Hammock Chabil Mar Resort Belize

The name Chabil Mar (meaning ‘Beautiful Sea’ in Mayan) was chosen because it reflects the beauty of the ocean washing up on the shores of the land that became this luxury resort. The image of a Ceiba Tree was picked as the resort’s logo because it was revered by Mayas who consider these lofty wonders sacred representatives of the universe: Heaven, earth, and the underworld.

Job #2: With beauty comes responsibility

In addition to building a resort designed to treat guests like celebrities and royalty, Chabil Mar Guest Exclusive Villas was designed to be an homage to sustainability. Indigenous plantings – trees, flowers, and shrubs – occupy lush gardens planted to please the senses of every guest.

At your service!

Every conservation method available is employed by staff, from water usage and waste management to energy savings. Even the languid pool is heated by nature. Precautions taken during the Covid era earned Chabil Mar a Gold Standard hygiene status and remain in place today.


In addition to a promise of ecological responsibility, Chabil Mar designers undertook a serious assessment of the type of aesthetics that would deliver a message of peace and tranquility throughout the property. As you can probably guess, blues represents the Caribbean Sea and serve as the dominant color throughout the resort’s overall decor scheme.

Interior and exterior accents were chosen to emulate the colors of the sun, jungles, and blooms. Common areas and villas occupying this beautiful space are furnished to reflect these colors and furnishings crafted of local hardwoods, tropical textiles, and art greet guests everywhere they turn.

Job #3: A theme that befits a slice of heaven

Villa Veranda Seafront Chabil Mar Resort Belize

Chabil Mar is a guest-exclusive, all-villa resort in Placencia.

Could staffers searching for the right resort theme have chosen a better one to describe this sanctuary than their ultimate pick, “Beauty by Belize – Luxury by Design“? You be the judge. From grand ideas to the smallest touches that give Chabil Mar its distinct character and personality, this resort’s ambiance takes a page from the past, is infused with contemporary elements guests expect and the most welcoming staff you’ll meet on the peninsula happens to be employed by this resort.

Further, vacation packages offered by Chabil Mar help guests enjoy every moment of their sojourns because having pre-paid the entire stay, they can enjoy every moment of their time at the resort without worrying about returning home to find unpaid bills awaiting them!

Packages include the essence of what a carefree vacation promises: delicious cuisine, two infinity swimming pools, a private pier for intimate dining, roaming butler service, and access to complimentary kayaks, bicycles, and paddleboards. Guests can walk, ride, or grab the evening shuttle to nearby Placencia Village for a taste of Belize culture. Tours to top attractions plus aquatic sporting adventures are all available to guests and specials add to the allure of this remarkable property.

Why would you settle for an ordinary resort when Chabil Mar’s design and service surpass guest expectations? Numerous awards and myriad repeat guests attest to this property’s intention of offering the ultimate experience to every guest. In fact, you should expect nothing less from your vacation than a respite at a resort so thoughtfully designed to deliver the ultimate guest experience. 

All images courtesy Chabil Mar Villas.

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