Your Extraordinary Belize Adventure Begins Right Here!  

by Larry Waight

Have you heard the news that the Belize has steadily kept COVID-19 cases low—protecting both citizens and guests— and decided to book the vacation your mind and body crave? Smart thinking. You deserve a holiday and understand that by choosing Belize as your destination, you won’t have to spend hours on an airplane, land exhausted and then try to figure out where to go and what to do. Save yourself stress by employing a Belize tour company staffed by Belizeans who know everything about their homeland and who are trained to expertly guide you to the most beautiful places on the Caribbean coast. From fishing, snorkeling and diving to a compelling list of land tours designed to relax and delight you, see Belize as it was meant to be seen: through the eyes of guides eager to show off the nation’s remarkable treasures.

Placencia’s One-Stop Operator: Captain Jak’s

Your one-stop tour operator must be the Gold Standard certified Captain Jaks, located on the Placencia Peninsula if you are eager to plan the vacation of your dreams. By making this your lone resource for everything from accommodations to tours and golf cart rentals, you eliminate tiresome planning. Prefer a more spontaneous vacation experience? Rent a motorcycle or bicycle from Captain Jak’s or a kayak for the ultimate sea-going thrill.

But the tours are likely to impress you most of all. To whet your appetite, the Captain presents you with this list of opportunities. Tailor your choices to your interests and curiosity, select activities and locations that excite and intrigue you or commit to trying something that you’ve always wanted to do:

  • Go snorkeling or leisure fishing (or both)
  • Experience Silk and Laughing Bird Cayes
  • Snorkel and dive at South Water Caye
  • Fish the inner or outer Belize Barrier Reef
  • Dive the magnificent Blue Hole
  • Discover Glover’s Reef Atoll and Laughing Bird Caye
  • Traverse the Monkey River or go cave tubing at Jaguar Paw
  • Participate in a manatee watch
  • Explore mysterious ATM Caves, once home to Maya sacred rituals
  • Cave tube at Jaguar Paw or Xunantunich
  • Zipline or waterfall rappel at Bocawina
  • Behold the majesty of Belize’s scenic wonders

Out of breath just reading that list? It happens when travelers see this vast menu of choices offered by Captain Jaks and his crews, and even if you haven’t a clue how to participate in the water-related activities, count on the Captain to deliver on scuba diving courses and instruction that include re-activation and refresher classes.

Whether all you require is a small accommodation or you will need the family-size villa, perfectly-sized digs give you access to all of these activities and experiences, which is why booking your arrangements through a single source is the ideal way to plan your holiday. The Captain will even suggest an itinerary if you’re so overwhelmed by choices you can’t make your mind up. You’ve earned this getaway and you know it, so as soon as you get your hands on your plane tickets, you know who to contact first, right? 

 All photos courtesy Captain Jak’s

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