Fall Into Summer In The Caribbean

by McNab Editorial Team

Late summer and early fall may not be known for their packed event calendars in the Caribbean but you’ll still be amazed at the number of things taking place! CC+L takes a look at some of the things happening on the calendar as summer and fall arrive.


If there is ever a time in the Caribbean that doesn’t have a carnival happening, we are yet to find it! Synonymous with Caribbean culture, it seems there is always something to celebrate! In Belize, August and September are huge months for celebrations, you can experience multiple activities such as Carnival Road March, Battle of St. Georges Caye parades, and Independence Day Celebrations.


St. Lucia

Much like carnival, the Caribbean is well known for its incredible flavors and fresh ingredients. It’s no surprise then, that even at the quiet times of the year, you can still always find somewhere that is celebrating something to do with food! First up – St Lucia and it’s much-celebrated Food & Rum Festival. Taking place between September 19th – 22nd, this event attracts some incredible chefs, food critics, wine connoisseurs and of course, rum fanatics! Moreover, the festival includes cooking demonstrations, plentiful tasting opportunities, celebrity chef dinners and many cultural food experiences. In true Caribbean style, there are of course musical events to enjoy alongside all the culinary enjoyment. See more information at www.stlucia.org


Further, if you can’t make it to St Lucia, fear not! Barbados has its very own Food & Rum Festival from October 24th-27th. Often referred to as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, this year celebrates 10 years of the festival and features Tom Aikens, one of the UK’s most acclaimed British chefs, and also the youngest to ever be awarded two Michelin Stars. Journey your way across the island as you experience a series of food, drink events, and gastronomic galas, all designed to celebrate the unique flavor of Barbados. Tempt yourself further at www.foodandrum.com


Third on the food diary is the Jamaica Food & Drink Festival where you can really uncover the tastes of the island. Jamaicans take their food seriously and this festival features seven distinct culinary events, each showcasing their own unique flavors. Across the city of Kingston, Jamaica’s most talented chefs and drink experts come together to create dishes and dining experiences based on specific themes. Even better, mostof the festival events take place at night meaning that you can take full advantage of exploring the vibrant city during the daytime. The festival lasts a week and begins on October 26th. You can find all the information you need at www.jafoodanddrink.com


On the other hand, If sport is your thing you could head to St Lucia during the second week of September for their 3rd annual DiveFest – a celebration of their vibrant underwater wonderland. The festival features a plethora of exciting diving and conservation experiences, infused with events such as a lion fish derby, underwater photo workshops, sunset cruises, a pirate-themed dinner and even an opportunity to attend an underwater wedding! Dive and accommodation packages are available from most resorts during this time and you can find out all about the underwater extravaganza by visiting the website www.stlucia.org

Written by Clara Dobson

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