Fodor’s Highlights Why Not to Cancel Your Travel Because of COVID-19

by McNab Editorial Team

Fodor’s Travel highlights why you should not cancel your travel due to COVID-19 with The Family Coppola Hideaways, inviting guests to share their travel stories

Every aspect of travel is being affected by the hour as new information and travel bans are coming into place. It seems that every time we look at the news, we see more and more businesses closing their doors. Today, the coronavirus affects every single person on the planet and while we recognize that panic and scare of the COVID-19 is very real, Fodor’s urges travelers not to jump to hasty decisions. We recommend that you do not cancel your Belize trips. Instead, consider re-booking your travel before calling them off completely.

Fodor’s shares many great reasons why you shouldn’t cancel your hotel stay. Additionally, it shares how you can help your favourite hotels make it through this rough period. Additionally, the article highlights engaging with hotels through social media. Guests are invited to share their memories online to keep spirits lifted and help gain exposure for brands.

“Any user-generated content is what we welcome right now,” says Christine Gaudenzi, Director of Sales and Marketing for The Family Coppola Hideaways. “We’re encouraging our guests to post stories, photos, and videos on their social platforms and tag our properties. We urge them to share fond memories from visits. Whether it’s interacting with our staff, our local culture, the unique experiences and sharing that they look forward to returning.”

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