Travellers Liquors is serving Belize with a new product, the Sani-Bel hand sanitizer. To meet market demands of the coronavirus, Travellers has since switched from normal operations to this local production. Sani-Bel is Belize’s first factory-produced hand sanitizer.

This change was done to protect the employees and customers from the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). With a little innovation, Sani-Bel is made from a World Health Organization formula. This formula is also used throughout the region by members of the West Indies Rum and Spirits Producers Association (WIRSPA). Together, Travellers Liquors joins other rum producers switching to hand sanitizer production during this pandemic.

Ethanol, a product of Travellers, is the main ingredient. As such, this product is not for consumption and should be safely kept away from stoves, fire, and children. Sani-Bel is perfect for cleaning common surfaces and safe to use on skin. However, we don’t advise mixing Sani-Bel with other gels to make your own. Large sizes are available which makes it perfect for re-fills. This product is ready to use!

Travellers Liquors Sani-Bel Hand Sanitizer Solution is available at:

  • Main Office: 2.5 Miles Philip Goldson Highway, Belize City
  • Beach Basket Belize/ Grand Caribe (North Ambergris)
  • The Village Market ( North Ambergris)
  • Local Grocery Store (Boca Del Río)
  • Paradise Supermarket (Downtown)
  • Ana’s Store (San Marcos Area)
  • Two Brothers Store (Eiley Subdivision)

The Travellers team says, “We are happy to have been able to supply a complimentary amount of sanitizer solution.” Since, they have supplied to the San Pedro Police Formation, The San Pedro Polyclinic, the San Pedro Care Center and Hope Haven’s food distribution program. 

We thank our frontline workers sacrificing so much for our society’s safety.  Remember, washing your hands with soap and water is the strongest protection against coronavirus. However, you can use their 75% ethanol product for when you can’t. Please help us by sharing and remember, we are in this together!

Travellers have reduced their operations to taking orders only in the morning. After, you can pick-up your order in the afternoon. Persons and businesses wishing to place an order can call 223-2855, or arrange the order via WhatsApp at 603-1682. Sani-Bel is available in a large 1 Litre bottle for only $15.00 BZD.

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