Put a Unique Spin on Your Friday Routine With Night at the Museum

by Khaila Gentle

The Museum of Belize is keeping its doors open a little longer than usual this Friday. Looking for ways to put a unique spin on your weekend routine? If you’ll be in Belize City, then be sure to put Night at the Museum on your radar.

Night at the Museum – Wine, Culture, and History 

Since its establishment in 2002, The Museum of Belize, found on Gabourel Lane in Belize City has served as a place where guests, local and international, can take a step back in time. From ancient Maya pottery to quirky stamps and even sobering snapshots of Belize’s past, the exhibits inside this historic building provide a great way to get to know the country.

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This Friday, the museum is putting a fun twist on things, extending its opening hours for a special “Night at the Museum” event. During, guests can enjoy the exhibits as they normally would during the day, but while imbibing a glass of wine if they choose.

It’s the perfect date night event, as well as a refreshing addition to Belize City’s nighttime social scene. Plus, the $10 entry fee goes right back into maintaining the museum.

According to Museum Director Ilona Smiling, should Friday night’s event prove a success, culture and history buffs can hope to enjoy recurring Night at the Museum Events in the future.

About the Museum of Belize 

museum of belize

Photo by The Museum of Belize

Formerly Her Majesty’s Prison from 1857 to 1993, the Museum of Belize is one of Belize’s most historic buildings. Today, it provides visitors with an immersive look at Belize’s eclectic past. Permanent exhibitions include Maya artifacts, an insect display, and a collection of historic Belize stamps.

Other exhibits that have been showcased at the museum include a Pen Cayetano art gallery, the “Let Belize Live” display (an archive of speeches by Belize’s Father of the Nation, Hon.George Price), and the “Enslaved, Rise and Fall of Slavery in Belize” exhibits, which launched in honor of Emancipation Day.

During the day, turn your visit to the museum into an all-day affair with nearby spots like the Ice Cream Shoppe, Taka Kitchen, the Belize Water Taxi Terminal, and, if you’re an international visitor, the Fort Street Tourism Village.

Featured Photo by the Museum of Belize

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