Grand Caribe’s Helicopter Tours will have you appreciating Belize from a new perspective

by Gisselle Hernandez

Imagine seeing one of the world’s greatest wonders – Belize’s Great Blue Hole – from above. Picture it: a bird’s eye view of the giant, unblinking blue iris in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. There’s nothing quite like it. Now, you can soar above the 400-foot deep cenote via one of the coolest modes of transport from Grand Caribe: a helicopter flyover tour. 

Flying over The Great Blue Hole. Image courtesy Astrum Helicopters

This experience, and a smattering of others, are all available via Astrum Helicopters, exclusively found at Grand Caribe Belize Resort. Why visit some of Belize’s noteworthy attractions by road when you have an actual helicopter at your disposal? The luxe Ambergris Caye Resort offers these exceptional services to guests looking for out-of-the-box experiences. “Experience Belize like never before,” they say, listing private charters and local transfers as part of their services. A perfect option when booking a splurge, these helicopter tours will have you appreciating Belize from a new perspective. Apart from the Great Blue Hole and the Belize Barrier Reef, here are some other attractions worth flying over for. 

San Pedro Town Flyover 

People stepping onto Ambergris Caye immediately fall in love as they explore the island on foot. Walking among the artisan shops, kaleidoscopic central park, and restaurant-hopping their way across the caye does that to a person. When seeing the bustling town from above, that fondness is multiplied tenfold. You can see the speckled palm trees, long stretches of beach, and the vibrant populace going about their day. 

Mountain Pine Ridge Flyover 

In the same vein, seeing waterfalls from a bird’s eye view always makes your heart skip a beat. The Mountain Pine Ridge region is teeming with creeks, waterfalls, and pools all cascading down towering mountains. Hiking to these places hidden within the dense rainforest is exhilarating enough. But seeing them from an Astrum Helicopter puts into perspective how massive the natural phenomena of Belize truly is. Whether you’re circling above Thousand-Foot-Falls or admiring King Vulture Falls from a distance, the impact (and photography) is incomparable to an average hiking tour. 

Getting to Grand Caribe 

condo grand caribe belize

Astrum Helicopters offers three different routes to the renowned Grand Caribe Resort, which sits on the northern shore of Ambergris Caye (2 miles north of San Pedro Town.) The first takes you directly into the stunning view of the Caribbean Sea upon leaving the international airport. You’ll spot tiny yet remarkable cayes such as the Hen & Chicken Caye. Enjoy all the views plus the fresh Caribbean breeze caressing your face. As you get closer to the resort, you’ll fly over Congrejo Caye and the south of Ambergris Caye before arriving at Grand Caribe. 

Astrum’s “red route” involves heading straight across the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the Belize Barrier Reef. Whip out your camera to capture a snippet of the 185-mile long reef whose presence protects Belize from hurricanes. You’ll notice the deep blue waters here, and if you look closely enough you can make out at least four different shades of blue below. Coffee Caye, Montego Caye, and Long Caye are the small islands you’ll fly over and leave behind on your way to Grand Caribe. Keep your eyes peeled for a manatee, dolphins, or even sharks! 

Perhaps the most thrilling view is seeing the famous Split at Caye Caulker from above. Shades of the green bracket the northernmost edge of the island, which is peppered with people taking a drink at the bar. Later, your helicopter will take you to see the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, one of Belize’s most popular snorkeling sites. 

Astrum’s last yet arguably most dazzling route is its “orange route” which involves flying over the beloved Blue Hole. But the giant underwater Marvel isn’t the only attraction you’ll be excited to see. Both the Turneffe Reef Atoll and the Lighthouse Reef Atoll are on the itinerary, one of which contains the popular Half Moon Caye Natural Monument. These areas are protected reserves, and home to both rich marine life and protected bird species. Spend the day admiring all the beauty found in Belize’s waters, including the many cayes, before heading back to your final destination at Grand Caribe

All images courtesy of Astrum Helicopters. 

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