The Regenerative Resort You Didn’t Know You Needed: Hamanasi Belize

by Larry Waight

The brainchild of two wildly adventurous travel fanatics who dreamed endlessly of launching a resort dedicated to both pleasure and ecological awareness—Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort literally came into being when founders David and Dana took his mom Joan’s advice. From Moscow, Dana and Joan headed for Belize in 1995 and found paradise tucked between the town of Hopkins on the Belize seashore and the Maya Mountains. Working from the other side of the globe, the property was purchased, and planning began. Obviously, David put a huge amount of trust in his mom and wife since he had never been to Belize! Talk about distance learning. It took about four years to build the resort, but the locals proved as helpful as they were welcoming. The fact that English is Belize’s first language was a plus and when the time came to choose a name for their haven, they picked Hamanasi, a reference to gorgeous ‘hamans’ (almond) trees growing along the coast. Let the eco-adventure begin! 

A pioneering regenerative and sustainable resort

Even before the first guest arrived, Hamanasi’s founders cemented their commitment to owning a green resort by crafting a carefully worded mission statement in which responsible, natural, and cultural eco-tourism was prioritized. Regenerative initiatives emphasize the resort’s aim to improve v. merely sustain. Reduce, reuse, and recycle are more than buzzwords at Hamanasi and an unbreakable bond with the Hopkins community was established.

Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort in Belize is the bronze medal winner in the ‘Hotels on the Water’ category. It also finishes eighth in the overall ‘Top Hotels’ ranking.

As a direct result of a word within the travel industry spreading like wildfire, the number of honors, certifications, and recognitions conferred upon this resort is staggering, yet Hamanasi’s emphasis on sustainability didn’t diminish the property’s commitment to gracious vacationing. This remarkable resort was recently named one of the world’s top 10 hotels in the world by TripAdvisor, attesting to guest reviews that are off the charts.

What will you experience during your visit?

How does it feel to sojourn at a resort that is as posh as it is an homage to Mother Nature? Amazing! Lodgings are a mix of sizes and styles, which even include deluxe treehouses. If you prefer to be close to the seashore, you’ll be offered three suite choices. Perhaps you’re in Belize to immerse yourself in culture, history, and nature.

Foodies find nirvana within the elegant Singanga Restaurant and Bar where culinary wizardry is achieved around the clock. Dine indoors, on the veranda or deck where you will feast on sweet and savory dishes prepared with organic produce that is grown onsite. Seafood, plucked from offshore waters, is abundant and tasty since cuisine is a tantalizing amalgam of traditional Caribbean cooking traditions.

Mixologists have yet to be asked for an exotic cocktail they can’t prepare! You will be impressed – and special dietary requests are invited. Skeptical? Don’t be. With a three-course nightly meal, your options are endless.

Tour and activity menus are equally delicious

When a property is located as strategically as Hamanasi Resort, guests can avail themselves of every adventure under the sun and under the moon. Choose from options that show off the nation’s treasures. Start your selection process at the Hamanasi Adventure Center, your headquarters for fun, curiosity, and education. Among the activities guaranteed to get and keep your attention during your stay include so many options, they’re categorized into rainforest and reef adventures.

If you can’t get enough aquatic fun, you’ll be offered diving (plus onsite instruction), snorkeling, and fishing options plus specialty tours that include night dives at Belize’s world-renowned barrier reef and romantic sunset cruises. Guests preferring to stay on terra firma will be enchanted by waterfall hikes, jungle treks, birding, wildlife sanctuaries, cave tubing, and more. Hamanasi’s Magical Maya History Tour is not-to-be-missed.

Immerse yourself in earth’s gifts

Finding an eco-resort that is truly representative of a world fast vanishing due to climate change and human exploitation can be difficult because too many properties give lip service to sustainability. Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort in Belize is the real deal. From its origins to its remarkable staff, founders David and Dana remain committed to their dream, and if anything, the time has not diminished their ongoing efforts to stand as a bastion of resilience, proving that it’s possible to pair responsibility with adventure in the most meaningful ways.

Creative all-inclusive packages take the work out of an already-delightful stay. Questions? The staff loves nothing more than answering them and it costs you nothing to call 1-844-235-4930. Need more convincing? Here it is. Next, ask yourself this question: Who deserves to stay at this eco-friendly paradise more than you do?  

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