Hano’s Coffee and Art Lounge

by McNab Editorial Team
Hano Drinks

A Little Jewel Box 

When I first discovered this cozy spot, it brought to mind a pretty, old- fashioned jewel box, brimming with little surprises.  It is all rich purple, wood tables, and sparkly décor, filled with the sounds of jazz, with exquisite originals lining the walls, and of course, the heady aroma of coffee.  Hano’s Coffee is tucked between a Clinic on Blue Marlin Drive just before the corner of Coney Drive.  At first, the name attracted me, Hano is not a common name.  

Who is Hano? 

 Hano Lin is a young Taiwanese Belizean entrepreneur who like many, came to Belize with his family when he was only ten.  His parents chose Belize for its laid- back quality of life, so different from the hustle and bustle of Taiwan. Hano has never regretted it.  He graduated from All Saints, then attended St. John’s Junior College where he studied Art. Later he got an accounting degree from the University of Belize.  I talked to him at length about how all this experience came together.  His first job was in the Corporate section of the Belize Bank, which gave him access to financial knowledge and International Markets.  Looking at his place and enjoying the atmosphere, it is apparent that all of his experience has come together.  The design and décor of the Lounge are all his, his family, especially the women do the cooking and pastries, and, it is a showcase for art. Beautiful Water Color prints line the walls of the dining area, and there is no doubt that he is passionate about coffee. 

Hano Cafe

Coffee, Drinks, and Food

The coffee he most prefers is from Guatemala, because of its constant high quality and availability. Hano trained in Taiwan as a Barista and experiments with different beans and is ready to try other coffees from the region, such as El Salvador and Costa Rica. There is an extensive menu of hot and cold coffees, as well as exotic teas and smoothies.  The menu is vegetarian, very light and fresh, and the sweet treats are delicate to the palate.  Besides all this, there is an atmosphere of tranquility.  If you close your eyes, you could imagine you are anywhere on earth, but definitely in the 21st century. 

desertHano Drinkscoffee from hano

So, if you love coffee, and want to get away from it all, come and sit for a while, have a meal, have a meeting, bring a friend, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and hands-on service.  You won’t be sorry. 

Written by Nelita Castillo

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