Calling all Mango lovers

Mango Fest will be taking place in Hopkins Village on June 2nd and 3rd, 2018! This juicy stone fruit that is a favorite to many will be celebrated this weekend at the Holy Catholic Church grounds. Come prepared for a good time and bring an empty stomach.

Hopkins Belize

Mango Fest, known as Mangu Fest, in Garifuna is a free two-day festival, which celebrates the opening of the mango season. With over twenty types of mango grown in Belize, from Julie to Number Eleven, you name it you will find it at the festival.

Mango Fest 2018

Belize’s top chefs and culinary experience including Chef Sean Kuylen, Tugusina Garifuna and Baha Fiesta. Make sure to visit all the booths, cooking up diverse mango culinary masterpieces, making for an authentic culinary experience. Mango cakes, ice-creams, chutneys, smoothies… are just some of the delicious treats to look forward to. Munch on the day’s delicacies while enjoying games, live music and of course lots of dancing!

Hopkins is definitely worth the visit if you are looking for an authentic cultural and culinary travel experience. Don’t miss out on Mango fest this weekend!

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