Getting around Belize by Road 

by McNab Editorial Team
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Getting around the country of Belize is quite easy; you can travel by road using buses, rent a car, take a flight or go by boat. But wouldn’t you rather take the scenic route? Belize boasts the most beautiful, picturesque mountains and jungle, from North to South. There are many off the map locations, small villages, orchards, and local vendors so you can stop along the way if you choose to. You’ll either need to take a local bus service to your destination or use a car rental. Here is how you can travel by road, and what you can experience on your way. 

travel by road

Local Bus Services 

This is definitely the most economical option, especially for those who are backpacking or traveling on a budget. The furthest destination it will take about 4 hours by bus. Depending on where you are traveling, the price will vary between $1-$15 BZD. As well, if you’re staying in a town then you would need to catch a bus, taxi, or rent a bicycle to get around. If you are staying at an inland or beachside village then it would be easier to walk or ride a bike around and interact with the locals. Some more tips for traveling by bus would be: 

  • Always choose an express bus; they don’t stop along the way. 
  • Call and ask the bus terminals about the bus schedules if you’re not sure. 
  • If you can’t handle the heat, try to find an air-conditioned bus.  

Car Rentals 

There are many car rentals in each district and 0f course, you see them at the airport as you arrive. These are definitely not cheap, and the cost of renting a car daily can range from $125-$200. But the great thing about this is you get to travel on your own time and do whatever you want; you can stop and take breath-taking pictures on our most scenic highway – the Hummingbird Highway, go off the map to uncharted locations and you can find the most soothing waterfalls and rivers, stop at villages during your drive and meet the friendly locals,  or purchase fresh-cut mangoes, oranges, golden plums, and other fruits at pedestrian crossings in the villages. Here are a few tips when road-tripping in Belize for the first time: 

  • Be sure to fill your tank – you do not want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere. 
  • Follow a map or GPS to your destination. 
  • Avoid traveling the road at night; there aren’t many lights on the highway. 

Written by Reyann Garica

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