How To Win A 4-Day Belize Getaway to San Ignacio Resort Hotel

by Carolee Chanona

Owned by the Bedran family, San Ignacio Resort Hotel was one of the first resorts to open in the area in 1976, starting as an events center in the now-Bedran Hall, then gradually evolving into the contemporary 27-room resort serving up favorites like the Bob’s Special while Collared Aracaris mooch across the al fresco restaurant’s metal railing.

Paulita Mariam san ignacio resort belie

Paulita (R) and Mariam (L) of SIRH accept Hotel of the Year by BTB.

At the helm of the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, managing sisters Mariam and Paulita have built on the family legacy, establishing incomparable standards in service. Encompassing a 17-acre estate, guests can take full advantage of all the on-property amenities, and on-site dining as some of the best in San Ignacio with meats from the family ranch. There’s also a lobby bar for sundowners, casual drinks and pub-friendly dining that spills outdoors.

Between bird-watching, a beguiling swimming pool, tennis courts, resident Green Iguanas, the onsite Running W Restaurant, medicinal trails, and an incredibly familial staff, there’s little reason to wander outside San Ignacio Resort Hotel. That’s exactly why one lucky winner gets all of the above — complimentary!

45th (15) anniversary san ignacio resort hotel belize

The lucky winner will win a four days and three nights for two persons at San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Their 45th Anniversary prize entails the following:
  • Welcome Anniversary Drink Special
  • Three (3) Night Accommodations In A Suite With Butler Service
  • Spa Treatments For Two
  •  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner For Two
  • 4 Days Adventure Of Choice Of Any Of Our On-site Activities Including Birding, Critters of the Night, Tea-tasting & Medicinal Tour, And A Tour Of The Green Iguana Conservation Project
Enter San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s 45th Anniversary giveaway for a 4-Day Vacation here.

243 Species Recorded While Birding at SIRH

collared aracari belize San Ignacio belize

Collared aracaris are just one example of the friendly residents at San Ignacio Resort Hotel.

During this tour, you can witness colorful creatures including the Blue Tanager, Blue Crowned Motmot, Warblers, Woodpeckers, Aracari Toucan, and even rare sightings of our national bird, the Keel-Billed Toucan. Known as “the only jungle in town,” San Ignacio Resort Hotel is a playground for urban birders.

birding tour guide san ignacio resort hotel

Birding the grounds at San Ignacio Resort Hotel.

Fed first by silence and solitude, go birding with breakfast while musing the Birds of Belize book with your guide over avocado toast, bottomless coffee, chicken and waffles, and a green juice chockfull of chaya.

Meeting SIRH’s Resident Critters of the Night

Strap on your headlight and take a night hike adventure for a chance to see SIRH’s resident critters of the night! You can count on leaf cutter ants, wolf spiders, orb waver spiders, cicadas, scorpions and, tarantulas. However, if you’re lucky, you might meet opossums, owls, and maybe a lucky sighting of the sly Kinkajou or Gray Fox! While exploring the trails, you also travel back in time as you witness an authentic Maya chultun located right within the property. Chultuns were underground storage chambers commonly used by the Maya as cisterns for potable water.

Tea-tasting on the Medicinal Tour

allspice tea medicinal plant trail San Ignacio resort cchanona

Freshly steeped Allspice Tea marks the end of San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s onsite Medicinal Tour.

For centuries, the Maya used local plants and herbs because of their ability to heal numerous illnesses and pains, including stomach aches, fever, chicken pox, botflies, allergies, and many more. Found within the 17-acre private estate, this guided tour will take you through our hiking trails for an insightful tour of natural remedies and a hands-on workshop. Take a stroll through a highly curated (and labeled) trail, getting a one-on-one crash course on the plants and their history. The tour follows with a Tea Tasting experience within a traditional Maya hut from plants hand-picked during the walk. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn more about their use, craft your own tea and develop your palette.

New Friends at the San Iggy Hotel with the Green Iguana Conservation Project

The mission of the nonprofit Green Iguana Conservation Project has been the protection of the threatened species since its inception in 1996, in an effort to widen their status between threatened and endangered. Not counting the 250 incubating, there’s almost 20 adult green iguanas in the enclosed ‘San Iggy Hotel’, swaying in slow motion with their heads to the sun, and over 30 juveniles solar charged by midday—as active as ever. If you’re brave, you’ll find out for yourself; your guide will drop as many as you can stand on your shoulders, arms, and wherever they decide to go next.

Luis and a juvenile Green Iguana.

Luis and a juvenile Green Iguana.

You’ll learn the differences between Belize’s resident Black Iguana and Green Iguana, their immeasurable value to the ecosystem, and the Green Iguana’s very real threats: climate change and over-hunting. Thanks to it being a complimentary tour in this vacation package, you can get one-on-one mingling time with these spiny micro-dragons before their re-release in the wild! It’s an Instagrammable moment, for sure.

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