Ka’ana & Other Resorts Take Care of Staff

by Carolee Chanona

Faced with no guests, these wellness hotels are taking care of their staff, reports Matador Network

Reminisce on the last time you indulged in some serious self-care at a spa, hotel, or resort. Now think of the many employees who helped make that possible. Basically, all the little moments that added up to your private paradise were made possible by our friends in hospitality. Those same staff are now facing an uncertain future as the travel industry near shuts down in light of COVID-19. Yes, including Belize. Despite the bleak outlook, there are bright spots worth celebrating. People around the world are stepping up to help support hospitality workers during this time of need. In many cases, the small businesses, most at risk during this pandemic, are also in the best position to lean on the redemptive power of community for care and support.

Positive Actions

This charitable instinct is common in an industry built on a passion for serving others. As the current crisis evolves, hotel properties are proving their genuine commitments to social responsibilities. Namely, through positive actions. they’re taking to help staff when they’re most vulnerable. Jessica Blotter, founder and CEO of the philanthropic hotel booking platform KindTraveler, has seen this play out with her hotel partners. She shared, for instance, how the luxury Ka’ana Resort in Belize, which normally facilitates guest donations to the Cayo Animal Welfare Society, is redistributing the money to other projects, such as property renovations and daytime security teams to keep staff stimulated.

In light of an extremely difficult situation, here at Ka’ana we strive to welcome positive change. Future travel opportunities will come, with a new outlook that fosters growth, creativity, and social responsibility. We are looking forward to seeing you in the near future. We welcome you to join us for a once in a lifetime vacation as we offer a huge 35% discount on our Romance Package and our All-Inclusive Vacation Package when you book now for January to June of 2021.” – Ka’ana

In addition to providing their staff with food from their kitchen and produce from their organic garden, Ka’ana will be using this down-time for self-improvement. This includes upgrading details and fixtures at the resort for a fresh and refurbished luxury experience on future travel. Read the full article by clicking below:

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